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Premiere 6.5 audio problems

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I am having problems with the audio at the beginning of each clip in the timeline studdering which makes the audio and video get out of sync for the remainder of the clip. The clips are okay until I render them in the timeline. I have Window XP. Does anyone have any ideas????
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have you tried using another audio card?


When a movie or sound file does not play correctly in Premiere (for example, a system error occurs, playback quality is poor, audio plays as static), play the file in another application (for example, MoviePlayer or QuickTime Player). If the file exhibits the same problem in another application, the file may be damaged, the compressor or decompressor needed to expand the file may be unavailable, QuickTime may be damaged, or the video or audio software may be damaged or incompatible with the System software. Contact your device manufacturer for compatibility and configuration information.

The clips play okay in QuickTime and other players. It is just when I put them in the Premiere timeline that I have the problem.
This info is for Premiere 5.1. I'm not familiar with 6.5 but maybe this info might help.
In Projects settings, make sure the timebase is set to 29.97 and that the frame rate is set to 30fps Drop-Frame Timecode. Using a timebase of 30 for NTSC video will cause audio to go out of sync with the video.
Please don't ask me why. :)

I checked and those are the settings (by default because I don't understand any of these numbers) so that is not my problem.

I did notice that the clips I am using have an audio rate of 32000Hz but my project was 48000Hz. Maybe this is causing the problem???
Well that certainly can cause the problem. Can you fix that or not?

I did some research for you and this is what I found. It was posted at another site that I use. Seems like lots of people are having the same problem as you are. "Scenalyzer" seems to be the solution to the problem.

"I was able to solve this problem through some expert advice given to me on this forum. If your camera samples at a different frame rate or audio sample rate than Premiere expects (29.97 fps and 44kHz), long streams will be out of sync. I had this problem with my DV camera. Your media players will playback the capture file fine because they just play it back at the rate it was sampled at. I used SCLive to capture my file because it can lock the sample rates of the capture file regardless of what the camera uses. I captured a 58 min clip that was normally 2 sec out of sync in Premiere and it was perfectly in sync after doing the capture with SCLive. You can download a fully working demo at to see if it solves your problem. It will watermark a logo on your capture file but if it solves your problem, it's only $40 for the full version. "
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