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PowerPoint - Replay Issues on different machines

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I produced a Power Point (vers 2002 10.2623.2625) presentation on my network's primary work station (Windows XP). The 15 minute program has 28 slides and includes one slide with an embedded movie slide-show & audio made with MicroSoft Windows Movie Maker (vers 5.1). There is also background music behind the whole presentation with varying audio levels for voice overs in some slides. It runs perfectly on the p.c. I made a CD with the necessary files and a Power Point Viewer (Vers 11.0.4920)

A couple problems with the CD (when played on another p.c. and my own workstation where it was produced)

- The titles on about half the slides appear greyed out and don't appear bright white like the original it was copied from.

-The text animation has changed a lot in the CD version.

- On some p.c.s, the movie slide show skips photos, dropping almost half of them even though the sound runs fine and is in sync with the photos that do pop up.

If I may, a seperate question about the original design of the presentation. I edited the background music with Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer using it to set levels for each slide that had its own narration. When I played the tracks together it was perfect. When I dropped the sound track behind the Power Point presentation, the music ran faster than the slides. Took a lot of tweaking to get it right (changing slide timing mostly). Is there a reason a wav file would run faster than the PP?
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Your question is pretty detailed and requires lots of explanations and stuff that I personally don't have time to look up. I think you just need some good PowerPoint links. :)

Tushar Mehta (Excel MVP) has what I understand is a great timer for PPT:

Make sure the PCs that will be running the pres have the codecs required:;en-us;291910&Product=ppt2002

And see this:;en-us;322319&Product=ppt2002
(Particularly, I quote "If you include multimedia with your presentation, PowerPoint does not support cross-platform or multiple-computer compatibility. Microsoft does not recommend that you use PowerPoint Viewer to view your presentation on a system that does not have PowerPoint installed." What kinda crappy stuff is that, I ask you? Seems Billy-Boy wants you to buy Producer these days...
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Thank you for the links. Browsed a couple of them already and there's some really good info to consider.

Thing is, we're all volunteers and several people worked on this over a weekend. Then it got merged together. The guru who made the movie (slide show) was going to produce the CD but he was called up for military duty and will fade to black for about six months.

Our city council wants to view the presentation on the record. The only way I can be sure it plays right is to lug the big box down to city hall. Have yet to find a laptop that plays it the same way.

I just uploaded a wmv file to one of our sites. It's the photo slide-show with audio that was produced with MS Movie Maker. The file is about 24 MB alone and is just one of the 28 slides. It seems to be the biggest issue within the rest of the presentation.

I don't know if it will stream but the URL is:

We are sorry, the page your are tring to load /audio/USDA-SPD-Final.wmv, can not be found on Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705) 404
Nah... doesn't stream :-(

Oh well...
Your fast.... you peeked before it finished uploading but it still doesn't stream. Movie Maker let you "Save As" a movie on the net, but it looks like it will have to be converted to a wma file first if we're to have it on our own site.
Taking ages to buffer, and I've got a decent cable connection...
error downloading codec. to make presentations with VERY BASIC file formats. I see whatcha mean tho, with many people contributing. Yuk!

Sweetie...take your PC with ya. :D
Ran Windows Media encoder... still wants it to be a wmv file. (no wma option for other that just audio) RATS
Well, now it works but not as streaming content. Hmmm.... but the file size is far better at 3 MB
Hmmmm... I'm thinking maybe I should have done this whole thing in MS Movie Maker... that or bite the bullet and learn Flash. Power Point seems too restrictive and inflexible. Ya think?
PPT just doesn't have much of a care about allowing people to think they can do this, that and the other thing, and not telling them that it can greatly affect the outcome if they share it with others.

Why do people make presentations? To share with others. MS acts like it's only for ourselves, right?

Alternatives, but probably not practical for you: Get someone to write an installation file for the presentation that installs all necessary software onto the PC to run the show at peak...

Flash? Dunno. You gotta ask hubby 'bout that! It's not easy either, but I don't know it well enough to opine, really.
You wrote: "Why do people make presentations? To share with others. MS acts like it's only for ourselves, right?"

So true.... that's why I have a problem looking at things I produce. I'm never satisfied with the outcome, it can always be improved given time to do so. There's a point of diminishing returns however, and I have to trust others to make that call. Left to my own devices, it would become a career instead of a hobby... no money in that either. Speaking of that, better get my butt in the saddle and go back to the real J.O.B.

Thanks for the feedback.

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