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Power Supply

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Hi have a rather new pc (Compaq-almost a year old now)...I want to update it..but I really cant untill I get a larger power supply, this will be my first time getting one so I ask yuo current power supply says its an ATX-250watt-12Z REV.: D Input:100-127V-6A, 200-240-3A 50/60Hz BST ATX-250-12Z I asume getting another power supply that is "atx" and amd compat it will work on my pc?...also I dont see measurements on any thing I have looked at..are all power supplies the same size?

Before you say "Compaq..what were you thinking yo uidiot" let me say I was in a rush for a pc I needed it for school and didnt have time to shop around....


256MB RAM (yeah yeah gotta get more)
2 40GB HDDs
Windows XP Pro
Geforce FX 5200 128MB Ram
1 DVD player CD-RW combo
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Have you found a PSU that will work in your Compaq yet Melkor? Compaq has a habit of using Propriatary equipment. Including the powrsupply. In my last compaq it had what they called a mini ATX motherboard. But it required Compaq's version of an AT power supply. In otherwords make sure what you buy will actually work with the compaq motherboard. THe connectors may be completely different or have different pin assignments than a standard ATX power supply.
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