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Possible virus problem?

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I'm trying to help my neighbor with a computer problem that could be virus related. She hasn't used her computer much in the last year, and her Norton Antivirus 2006 has expired. She has a Dell computer with Windows XP Home, Version 2002 and and uses AOL dial up internet service. She has purchased a new antivirus program, but when I tried to remove Norton Antivirus 2006 using Add/Remove software prior to installing the new program, a pop-up message came up stating that an update to Microsoft Windows Installer needs to be done. I downloaded updates to the the OS using Windows update, but that didn't help. If this isn't a virus problem, and I need to update Windows Installer, which version do I use for XP Home? Also, she is getting pop up messages stating that the Registry is damaged and corrupted and has a link to and states that the register cleaner should be downloaded and run to fix the problem. From reading some of the other threads, register cleaners don't work. Are these messages caused by a virus as well?

Thanks for your help.
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monamae welcome to TSG,
you are right registry cleaners usaully do more harm than good.
Have you tried norton removal tool:
this may help you get it off the PC.

If you think the PC is infected,
You should go here;
Read all the sticky posts and don't do anything until instructed to by an Expert.
Please be patient, there are a lot of people waiting for help as this is a big problem.

Log Analysis/Malware Removal - In order to ensure that advice given to users is consistent and of the highest quality, those who wish to assist with security related matters must first graduate from one of the malware boot camp training universities or be approved by the administration as already being qualified. Those authorized to help with malware issues have a gold shield
next to their name and authorized malware removal trainees have a blue shield
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Closing thread. As stated, please start a new thread in the correct forum.
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