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Possible purchase of MP3 player and ebook reader?

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I need a lot of storage on my telephone, so I just bought a Samsung A53 because it has an micro SD slot. I also have to play my ebooks/pdf read aloud and MP3 from it using the charging/data port. So USB C to 3.5 mm jack. My work car is old and only supports one Bluetooth connection at a time. So my personal phone uses a cord and AUX on the stereo.

I guess the first question is; will this wear out the charging/data port more quickly. I unplug and plug it in whenever I leave the vehicle and to charge it at home. So that charging port is receiving about 8 times the normal wear and tear it should be.
So I was wondering about buying an MP3 player that would play music and "Great Courses" lectures, etc. and also read ebooks. Does such a thing exist?

And do I need it? or in other words, am I being paranoid about wearing out the port on my Samsung.

I mean, if I want an MP3 player to reduce wear to my Samsung, and if it is to read me Google Play books, don't I need an Android system for that, so don't I really need another phone. Like a large screen Walmart phone type setup with a 3.5 mm jack?

I think it is safe to say I don't know what I am doing.

First, do I need anything (to save wear and tear on the port) and if I do need something what is it that I need.
Or are ports cheap to replace and I should just fix the Samsung as needed.

It cost me 99 dollars to have a new charging port put into my Moto One Ace and it did not fix the data transfer problem, that is why I needed the Samsung. My Moto One broke and a replaced port and factory reset would not fix it.

Anyway, thank you for considering this question.
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I use an Android tablet for reading ebooks. Since it is Android, you can install whatever apps you find in their store, including countless .mp3/.flac players. Easier on my old eyes to read on a 7-10" screen than a phone!
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My car is old and has no fancy connections.
I use an android tablet to play mp3 and mp4 files and read books on it. (I have 2 sizes a 10" and an 8" both Samsungs with micro sd card slots.

For mp3 and mp4, I use VLC. For books I either use the Kindle app or google play book app. I've tried other reading apps but I prefer these two.
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I think you need both It's better for the devices when they do their job right
I have used both devices, according to me, the mp3 player gives better sound results than the e-reader when listening to Najnowsze Dzwonki na telefon on the same song.
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