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port number

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Does anyone know what is a Mac address?
Also what is a port number and do I need the port number?
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One thing I almost always like to add to my wireless security is only allow certain MAC addresses access to the router. Not the end all but certainly one more thing to help prevent unauthorized access.

Also it's sometimes hard to read the stickers (if they are there in the first place) on networked cards (wired or wireless) when they are part of the motherboard. Laptops would also fall in this category. That IPCONFIG /ALL solutions works very well.
On the Win98 computer it would be Start / Run / COMMAND. Then IPCONFIG /ALL

As far as whether or not you need it is up to you. I like it but that's just a personal preference.

Mostly wanted you to know that there are common reasons for needing to know the MAC address.
The only different in this regard is that WINIPCFG will list it as "Adapter Address" will show it as previously mentioned "Physical Address".

So with either solution, you don't need to take out the adapter to see if there is a sticker on it. Some don't have it anyway. Sure is a lot faster.
Other than trying to get around some security issues, why would you need to change the MAC address. Hopefully the forum isn't going to continue to help much with suggestions if spoofing a MAC address is the reason.
Probably a good idea. Moderators are typically given a bit more leeway than us mere mortals ;-)
Is there a particular problem you are working on? Most times folks don't need to worry about spoofing MAC addresses.
So to be clear we are moving on from spoofing mac addresses to blocked ports.

Most times, programs like ZoneAlarm block ports are for your own protection
So zergpc208's,

Simple enough and did it answer you question about Zone Alarm and blocking ports?
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