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port number

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Does anyone know what is a Mac address?
Also what is a port number and do I need the port number?
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the mac address cant be changed it is burned into each networking device and is the ID for that device on your LAN(home network). The IP address you can change type in the command box ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew it is a good troubleshooting measure if you loose internet connection. As far as for hackers if you get some type of firewall like norton, macafee, zone alarm and an anit virus that should be good enough for a home user. You may want to check out the security part of the forums if you need a firewall/anti virus recommendation or if you want to set up some thick security, they know their stuff especially the ones with the little gold shield near their name.
zergpc208 said:
Okay I took a screenshot of this.

In theese pics in the winipcfg one the MAC address is the adapter address and in the dosbox its the one listed physical address. If these dont show up in either place the there sohould be a sticker on the device or if all else fails you can use a MAC address spoofing program which should tell you what the MAC address is currently and let you change it, searching google is probably the best place to find MAC address spoofing software be careful where you get it from though run a virus scan on the file.
Thats why I was trying to skirt around the MAC address spoofing thing in my earlier post b/c the only times i've ever seen it done was to bypass some sort of security but I'm sure there is some other practical use for it.
if the mac address doesn't show the device is probably not connected to the computer, not powered on, doesn't have the proper drivers installed or it may be faulty. You should never have to add or change a MAC address to either one of those places listed in the previous posts unless you're getting into something very complicated.
I would strongly suggest NOT getting a MAC address spoofing program b/c you will probably never need to use it but if you really need one just be cautious where you get it from.
I had already been warned once about suggesting possibly illegal activities and was just trying to shy away of that. In the future I will run my post by a moderator if I am worried about it.
if you're just setting up home networkthen all you really need to know is how to install the NIC drivers on your home compuers and how to change certian settings on your router, all of which should be listed in the documentation that comes with the router.
When setting up WEP the router usually generates several WEP keys you select the one you want to use then the next time each computer tries to connect wirelessly you put in the WEP key there. Basically its a lock on the router and you have to give each wireless client a key to access. This should be enough security for a home network.
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