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port number

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Does anyone know what is a Mac address?
Also what is a port number and do I need the port number?
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Okay how do I find my Mac address for my Network Card and do I have to set this up or put this in when I'm setting up the network or setting up the internet connection.

Okay is there chart of the port numbers and do I need to put in the port number or have to do some thing when setting up the network or setting up the internet connection with the port numbers?

And how do I connect to the other computer in the house?
Some talk about putting in a MAC addresses or filltering and do I need this and how will I put in the MAC addresses or do addressing filltering ?

MAC Address: Start>Run>type "cmd" (no quotes) & at the prompt "ipconfig /all" (noo quotes and watch the spacing)
No I have windows 98SE on one and Windows XP on the other computer.I will print the instruction out. Buf I think I will run into problems with this new set up because it is different.

Also do I need a key to connect to my network or not?
Okay I took a screenshot of this.

Now how do I change the setting or put some thing else in ?And what would happen if no setting came up on my screenshot what would I do?

Note the adapter address or physical adress is the MAC addresses of my Network Card :eek:
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I just thought if it does not work or some thing happen in the future I may have to change it.

Or if in the future nothing came up what would happen and what would I do?
I should also say the only thing I found about port numbers is here.

Common Ports
FTP 21
SSH 22
Telnet 23
Web 80
Pop 3 110
IMAP 143
Other Applications
Remote Desktop 3389
PC Anywhere 5631
Should I check to see if the ports are block or not ?And how can I tell if some hacker is trying my ports?
the mac address cant be changed it is burned into each networking device and is the ID for that device
Okay so you can't change it, but what if it is not coming up and how will I tell the computer my mac address ?

And where could I run into troubleshooting problems?

if you want to set up some thick security, they know their stuff especially the ones with the little gold shield near their name.
Well could I not get some kind of software to trace the internet packets?
So if it does not come up or I have to change it I should search google for a MAC address spoofing program ?
I did not know at first I thought windows would allow you to change it.But many forms talk about problems with the MAC address and ports being block so I don't know what I need to learn or not.

Other forms talk about problems with the winsock again I don't know what I need to learn or not .
Some times my Zone-Alarm is blocking ports why is that and what is going on ?

Looking at the Windows longs I should see all my ports add see how to set it up?
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