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port number

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Does anyone know what is a Mac address?
Also what is a port number and do I need the port number?
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Machine Access Control. Is it the actual address of the Network Card and supposedly no two are alike. You can think of a MAC Address as the land map used by governments to map property and your IP Address would be your Street Address.
A port is a connection thru which traffic is routed and depending on whihc type of data it is, a different port is used. You receive mail on Port 110 and send Mail on Port 25, as an example.

Why the question?
This looks perfectly find for a DHCP connection from a router. why do you need to change anything?
The prots were setup whenyouinstalled Windows. Now if you woould quite beating around the bush and ask the $64k question maybe we can end this thread.
ZA blocks ports activity that it thinks is suspicious. 80, 8080, 25, 110, 21, 23 are the basic ones you use on a daiy basis (maybe not 21) but the firewall programs see activity and if a rule has not been deinfed ti allow that activity (i.e., traffic thru a port) you will get a notice asking to allow or deny.
Care to guess what is behnind "Door 666"?
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