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port listener xp

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I have downloaded a programme called port listener xp because I have a problem with a potential trojan and would like to monitor
one or two ports - however there are no instructions with this programme and when I run it ZA asks if I would like to enable it as a server, this I am a bit reluctant to do. It would appear that this works by spoofing a port and alerting me when that port is accessed, it also sends the intruder a message - this I would rather not do. I just want a programme that monitors a port and alerts me and then maybe I can close it.
Maybe there's a better programme out there that works with win98. I would really like to know how to close a specific port.
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Don't use it; I don't know why it should need to run as a server. You can get a similar program from System Internals called tcpview that will list your open ports. They also have something called PortMon, but I don't think PortMon works on XP if you have that, anyway.
Thankyou Rog - I was a bit wary. Perhaps these programmes need to act as servers in order to spoof a port and send a message to the hackers, not sure about this as I'm not an IT genius.
I tried another prog called port block which appears to do the same job. As an experiment I allowed it to act as a server and the port I needed to block - 1524 - appeared in the netstat window as ingreslock and also another port I specified.
That you see is the problem, I have ingreslock connections from time to time and a search on google is alarming.
Something took the bait ip no and this after a search led to something called BLACKHOLE - 1.IANA.ORG special use.
I need to shut port 1524 and maybe one other, and I would also like to know what blackhole is.
You are going to see a lot of probes to various ports, but your firewall should prevent access. If something is "listening" however, it indicates an internal process which may or may not be normal.

Personally I wouln't get too spooked by that kind of thing, but it's good to review the possiblities and see if you can tie it to any programs you have installed. There is a lot of similar discussion in this Google>Groups search, you might want to have a gander:

Google Groups is a good source to explore both those issues if you haven't used it, but I for one doubt there is anything really abnormal there.
Thanks for the pointers Rog, never heard of google groups, looks like lots of useful info to lighten my darkness.
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