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Port Forwarding help required (I think)

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HI & Happy New Year to all

I want to stream a webcam to my web site using I have downloaded their encoder and have it up and running on my pc OK. The problem is though that the Camstreams servers cannot see my PC to pick up the signal.

From the Camstreams website help pages the problem seems to be that I have an external IP address of which I understand to be a private address, but my 'Default Gateway' IP address is '192.168.x.x' . The answer apparently is to use Port Forwarding, but I can't find how to do that for my BB setup.

I connect to the internet via an NTL cable modem the only markings on it seem to be "NTL home: 100" made in China, and this does not figure in the camstream extensive list of routers and how to set them up on the page that they direct you to I am assuming that the cable modem I have is also a router.

There is some more info on the Camstreams configuration requirements here I have a feeling that the solution is probably something fairly easy but I don't understand enough how these things work to get any further. That's where you guys come in (I hope).

I have tried disabling the firewall and that makes no difference.

I am running Windows XP Home Sp 2. I guess there is probably more info you need & I will be happy to provide, you only have to ask.

That's where you guys come in (I hope).

Thanks for your help.


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Actually, 80.5.x.x is your public IP address. However, since your default gateway is 192.168.x.x, you obviously have a NAT layer (router) in the middle.

Try entering the Default Gateway address into the address bar of IE, you should get a login prompt for the configuration of your modem/router.

Without a specific model number, it's hard to research exactly how to port forward in that router, but if you get to the configuration pages, you may be able to feel your way.

The account name is normally "admin", and the password will usually be something like blank, "admin", or possibly "password". Those would be the first that I'd try.
If it has a NAT layer, I can't believe it's a "modem only". :) Of course, a specific make/model of the unit would be a large help.
As you can see here, there is no model 60194E-A12 listed, however there are 60194E models that are modem only, and one that's a modem/router. Which one do you have? The fact that you have a private network IP address still makes me think it's the router version.
Well, that does appear to be a plain cable modem. It's odd that you have a 192.168.x.x default gateway, that seems to indicate that there is a NAT layer farther down the pike in the NTL network.

That modem looks like an antique, 4mbit/400K maximum rates? I wonder if that's a parameter that is loaded to limit the speed on your network?

As far as the other components having a NAT layer, only the make/model of everything will help us determine that.
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