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Port Forwarding help required (I think)

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HI & Happy New Year to all

I want to stream a webcam to my web site using I have downloaded their encoder and have it up and running on my pc OK. The problem is though that the Camstreams servers cannot see my PC to pick up the signal.

From the Camstreams website help pages the problem seems to be that I have an external IP address of which I understand to be a private address, but my 'Default Gateway' IP address is '192.168.x.x' . The answer apparently is to use Port Forwarding, but I can't find how to do that for my BB setup.

I connect to the internet via an NTL cable modem the only markings on it seem to be "NTL home: 100" made in China, and this does not figure in the camstream extensive list of routers and how to set them up on the page that they direct you to I am assuming that the cable modem I have is also a router.

There is some more info on the Camstreams configuration requirements here I have a feeling that the solution is probably something fairly easy but I don't understand enough how these things work to get any further. That's where you guys come in (I hope).

I have tried disabling the firewall and that makes no difference.

I am running Windows XP Home Sp 2. I guess there is probably more info you need & I will be happy to provide, you only have to ask.

That's where you guys come in (I hope).

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Guys

Thanks for your replies and help. I have some progress to report. I now have the software up and running fine . . . but I only have it working on the PC connected directly by Ethernet cable to the cable modem.

I have now discovered that the cable modem is an Ambit model 60194E-A12, and that it is as you say, just a modem, it has no router functions.

The machine I was originally trying to use to stream the webcam from is my laptop. My setup is as follows Cable modem > Ethernet cable to Desktop Ethernet port on Asus Mobo > Mobo also has Asus PCI WiFi card installed acting as Access Point > WiFi connection to Laptop.

I know I didn’t mention the WiFi connection before but I thought I had eliminated it by connecting the laptop directly to the cable modem via the Ethernet cable, and that did not work.

I think that the Access Point is hiding my laptop so that the Camstreams server cannot see it. I have looked carefully at the configuration options available for the Asus WiFi card but can find nothing that looks like it would work, and nothing that I have tried has worked. I have to say that the Asus WiWRTSL54GS Fi card works, and has always worked, flawless in connecting my laptop, and my daughters, to the internet, both separately, and simultaneously.

I am now thinking that what I require is a wireless cable router connected to the cable modem, and to configure this to Port forward to the IP address so that it can be “seen”. Does this seem a reasonable way forward?
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Thanks again JohnWill. Yes I was dissapointed that my particular model was not listed, I guess it is a special for NTL. I have now been able to access the modem via and this reveals the following info:-

Cable Modem Configuration

Type : Ambit ETH/USB Combo Cable Modem
Cable modem : Ambit Cable Modem
MAC address : xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
IP address :
Downstream Receive Power Level : 8.08 dBmv
Downstream SNR : 34.49 dB
Upstream Transmit Power Level : 47.25 dBmv

Operation Configuration
Network Access : Enabled
Maximum Downstream Data Rate : 4096000 bps
Maximum Upstream Data Rate : 400000 bps
Maximum Number of CPEs : 1
Software Upgrade File Name : ntlhm100_ntl0001.cpr
Software Upgrade AdminStatus : allowProvisioningUpgrade
Software Upgrade OperStatus : completeFromProvisioning

(I have put x's where I think it is best not to bradcast details)

The only 2 things that can be altered are:-

Set Search Frequency Parameters

Set Ethernet Type

neither of which seem relevent.

Is there any significance to the line "Maximum Number of CPEs : 1"

It also says

This Cable Modem is the property of ntl: and must not be modified in any way. You will be responsible for any, claims, losses
damages or costs incurred by us arising out of, or in any way connected, with your use or misuse of this equipment.
Copyrights (C) 2001 AMBIT Microsystems Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

I clearly don't know much about the detail of these things, but could the Access Point card through which my laptop connects to the net be doing the NAT?

Thanks again for your help.
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