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PM Question...

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Hey Techguy, :)

Maybe I'm missing something here (ok, PROBABLY
I'm missing something here...), but when I reply
to a PM, I can't go back and find a record of my
reply anywhere.

Has it always been this way?

Cheers, Mac
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If you use the select drop down upper right that currently reads inbox and select sent it take you to sent items. I just did that and found none listed however if I hit the go button again they all show.
Does yours do the same.
After you select 'Sent Items', go to the left and change the settings that's automatically selected for "Show Messages From: last day"
Mac, sweetheart....didn't mean to get ya all shook up with a PM! :D :D :D
Stop that Candy, do ya want everybody to find out??? :mad:

Thanks Davey, :)

Hitting the "go" button displays them OK.

Hey Mike, :)

I meant even the ones sent today...

Cheers all, Mac
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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