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please insert disk into removable disk drive I

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Hi guys.

My dilemma started with trying to transfer files from 1 micro sd to another micro sd.

I followed this guys thread:

Managed to copy all the files, removed the sd card, inserted the new sd card, and then I get the above error.
Changing the drive does not work.

How can I copy all from 1 sd to the next sd?

When I insert the old sd back, the drive works fine and shows all my files, but the moment I swap it for the new sd I get the error to insert a disk.

Hope someone can help. Thank you.
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You cannot copy files from one device to another if you remove the one device, they both need to be connected at the same time. The simple work around is to copy and paste the files to a folder on your hard drive in your computer then copy and paste them from the hard drive too the second SD card.
You need the full sd card inserted in the slot of the computer and the empty card inserted in a micro sd card reader like this
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It fits in a USB slot on my computer.

Or if you have an sd card reader, insert the micro sd card into an sd adapter.
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How are the sd cards connected to the computer ?

Does the 2nd sd card show up in Disk Management ?
Thanks Liz and Allan. The sd card was inserted in an adapter and then into a usb port. Once I remove the sd card and slide in the new sd card into the same adapter, I get that error message. In the end, I realised I have an sd card reader directly on my pc too. So I ended up inserting one in the direct reader and the other in the usb reader. That seemed to have done the trick.
Thank you.
Or, you coulda copied the files to a folder on your computer, then copy these files to the other card, , ,
Thanks. That is what I tried to do. Insert sd card. copy to pc, remove sd card, insert new sd card and then I get the error saying - please insert sd card - it's like it simply won't read the new sd card and only registers again when I insert the old sd card...
Sounds like the new SD card is faulty or not supported.
When you had tried that did you paste the files from the card to a folder on the PC and then do a new copy of those pasted files before trying to paste them to the new card? It sounds like you either didn't paste the files to your computer and then do a new copy and the computer was still trying to copy the files from the removed SC card.
Hi Rob.... I just created a new folder. Copied and pasted. Waited for it to finish. Once all copied, I removed the sd card from the reader and added the ew sd card, it then prompts me to insert disk. When I take the new one out and re-insert the old one, it reads the card. I then restarted my computer. Removing all sd cards. Once restarted, I only inserted the new sd card and yet again got the error. But replacing the old one, it works fine.
Eventually I realised the pc itself has its own sd card slot. So I inserted the old sd card in the external card reader and the new sd card in to the pc card reader. It read both fine and I was able to copy and paste. However I have now tried another 3rd sd card and it simply won't read anything else but the original old sd card I first inserted. So strange...
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Are your card readers SD-HC or SD-XC compatible to match your cards?
Yes, it says SD HC on the card reader and on both the sd cards.
Odd, but you did get it to work so that's good.
Yes. Eventually. but really strange indeed. Thanks for helping out.
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