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please help

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I am in my 2nd week as an administrator of a small (screwed-up) network, and have many questions, but I'll start with just 1.

The server is windows 2000-small business server. there are 27 nodes on the network-running the following:95,98,2000,ME,XP.

I am receiving the error messages:

1. event id 1010
Description: the collect procedure for TCPIP service in DLL c:\\winnt\system\perfctrs.dll generated an exception or returned an invalid status. Performance data returned by counter DLL will not be returned in PErf. Data BLock. Exception or status code returned in data DWORD 0.

2. Network Interface: critical condition WMI status:2147749889

these 2 seem related (I saw DWORD 0 in both while researching them).

Are these anything to worry about?
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The first error is nothing to worry about, although it indicates a misconfigured server, the second error is explained in;en-us;329641 which is more serious and may indicate a corrupt registry, correcting this may resolve the first problem. If you have a BDC, clean install it, migrate all data and promote it to PDC. If not, check your backups......
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