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I recently took a job as network administrator for a small company. They have one main site and 2 remote sites. We are running NT 4.0 servers and mainly win98 clients. One of the larger problems here is that the clients at the remote site are not getting NT authentication from the server. Also, there are only able to see computers on the network that are local to that site. I have checked with the company that manages our VPN services and they have assured me that they are not blocking any traffic on any ports through the tunnell. I have also tried editing the LMHosts file to include the computers at other sites as well as the servers. I can ping all of the computers on the network from any location, I just can't see them in Network Neighborhood, and can't authrnticate to the domain controller. The computers that are local to the domain controller have no problems. I am wondering if the problem might be related to the fact that the name of our private NT domain is the same as our public domain ( this be causing the remote computers to look out on the internet for the domain controller, and if so, why doesn't the static mapping through the lmhosts file solve this problem. If anybody could shed some light on this subject it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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What sort of VPN is this as far as software and hardware. I don't think they will be able to authenticate since the tunnel is actually outside of your local network. The network is created between the client and the host and unless your local network is part of the host network you will get nothing. They have to be on the same network and subnet as you least the VPN has to make the remote address look like it is coming from your network.
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It's been awhile since I did anything with NT 4.0 and never really was a whiz! ;)

Have you checked your trusting and trusted relationships? If there is a problem with then, you need to re-initiate them and in a particular order which I don not remember. :(

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The VPN is handled by a Sonicwall SOHO3. The ip schemes are like this:
Main site 172.16.1.*
Remote 1 172.16.2.*
Remote 2 172.16.3.*

Also I checked on that trust relationships idea. It looks like that only pertains to working with different NT domains. All of this is on the same domain.
They may be on the same domain, but they are on completely different networks. Does your config file make them part of the same network? I believe there is also an option in the SonicWall to allow for NetBIOS naem transfer over the VPN as well. Create a new client config file from the firewall/VPN and install it at the remote site and give it another try. Is the tunnel being created and can you verify that they are connected?

Just looked at the SonicWall config page and thie needs to be enabled in the VPN tab.....Disable all VPN Windows Networking (NetBIOS) broadcast
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