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please help! lindows?????

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we bought a computer for our daughter for christmas. it came with lindows os. we did not know it would not run her cds she already had....mostly games. we thought if we had trouble we could uninstall the os and install one of our other os cds.(95,98,me) unfortunatly the cds we have were bought with other computers and will not install. we were told there is a way to install windows and leave lindows on together. we are interested in learning more about the site but do not want to give up on her running her games on the computer. we were wondering if there was a freware or shareware site to download
one of the programs we need.?
i thank you for your time in reviewing my question and hope to hear from you soon.
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Those Lindows computers were touted to be able to run Windows programs in Linux.Sorry to hear they do not.Have you checked the Lindows site?You should be a subscriber if you bought the box with Lindows pre-installed.
Are the Win95,98,ME CDs true MS CDs or are they those so-called "restore CDs"?If they are original Microsoft Windows installation CDs,then they should work on any computer.
the 95 is a master. the 98 and me are for e-mach reboots. should the 95 install? will it run the cds she has and work with the lindows os? i appreciate your patience - i am no good at any of slave.....
what is your suggestion????? keep or uninstall os lindows????
how do i if it will work part install the 95???????
As posted before, I would look to Lindows for support. As for the OS choices you have, installing either restore cd to your lindows machine would not work. It may install the OS, but it will format your disk and you'll lose everything. Also, your devices (sound, modem, video) probably wouldn't work properly. Installing win95 may work, but its getting very old and may not run your daughter's games anyway. You may be better off getting a new Windows 98se cd from your local small computer shop. They may be able to get you an OEM version that would be cheaper. Good Luck
thank you for your reply- yes i had about made up my mind to buy/or borrow a me or xp and reboot the pc. the tech from
the company that manufacture my daughters computer said they would be happy to talk me through the shrare drive of lin/win. if i can borrow a boot i will go ahead and pay the $99. fee for membership on the lindows site ,if i have to buy a boot we will not use the lin downloading..... i hope i will be able to try it though it does sound interesting. the best of both worlds????
thanks again for your time.....and by the way you people who know everything do not always irritate the people who do not as much as you'd like to think!!!!!!!
and by the way you people who know everything do not always irritate the people who do not as much as you'd like to think!!!!!!!
:D That's good to hear....not that I know everything:D :rolleyes:

Just because no one else has mentioned it yet.....

Borrowing a windows cd from someone else to install on your machine is illegal unless you have YOUR OWN windows product key (which you don't if the machine came with Lindows).

An OEM full version of XP home will run you about $100.00

I would stay away from ME if I were you.

oh, and if this is one of those $300.00 Wal-Mart computers, I would consider returning it simply because the VIA processors they are using are not turning out to be all that reliable.
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