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please help me im really desperate. i have no idea whats going on.

First off, i start my computer and it turns on. after everything loads up, i click on something, say solitare, but it doesnt work. its almost like its frozen but its not cuz i can move my mouse around and go into folders and things. but nothing works, i try to open up such programs as: google chrome, real player, calculator, note pad, and none of them works! and as soon as i click on it, i get this message that says "[program address] is not a valid win32 application"

so im thinking its some kind of nasty virus, no problem, ill just run an antivirus program and have it delete whatever is causing this problem. but guess what, i cant run any of my antiviruses cuz as soon i click on it, i get the same stupid "... not a valid win32 application" error message. so now im thinking ****, maybe ill just reset my computer to an earlier time. i go to system tools and hit system restore but same stupid "win32 application" message shows up. now im really pissed.

if ur still reading this, i thank you... all out of opitions, i decide that i should go into SafeMode, and run the antivirus, problem solved right? so i restart my computer, hit f8, and tell it to go into safemode. the black and white text starts and it starts to scroll down. but it stops like half way, and the screen turns blue! and has an error message. but the freaking message goes away and my computer restarts before i cuold read what it said! and this happens everytime i've tried to enter safemode. the screen turns blue with a long error message that i cant read cuz it restarts before i get one or two words into it.

so i cant get my comptuer to enter Safe Mode and all of the applications i wanna use on my computer gets rejected cuz its not a "valid win32 application"

so please guys, tell me what u think i should do fix this problem. i'd appreciate any of ur help. THANKS!

i took a picture of this bluescreen/error message, but i dunno how to upload a picture up here. maybe if someone tells me how, i can upload it.

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Delete any existing version of ComboFix you have sitting on your desktop
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