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PHP update - will it kill my website, etc?

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Tech dummy here again, asking about PHP this time.

Will updating my PHP hurt my current websites?
I don't know how to change PHP...did it once before...forget how...I'm sure I will figure it out again.

Issue is I am in my C-Panel, looking to add a new photo gallery.
To install it says my PHP is not up to date and I need to enable PHP 7.4.33 for the install.

Web server says its at 8.1.16
MyAdmin says my version is 5.2.1

My forum tech guy is also suggesting I update to version 8, and that it won't affect my forum since there are no mods.

My question is:
I have a bunch of websites built using an old program (that I really like) - NetObjects Fusion 10
Is the PHP upgrade going to affect those sites?
I seem to remember something happening years ago, when I changed my PHP for another app,
and thats why it got rolled back to version 5?
Does this sound correct? or totally wrong?
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Since PHP 8 has numerous changes compared to PHP 5, you will likely need to make a number of script modifications in order for your concerned websites to function as they should. It should be noted that PHP 8 does not support NetObjects. You may want to consider using an alternative to NetObjects Fusion 10 to build your websites. It is important to note that the PHP coding will have to be updated for your websites if your PHP version is upgraded.
I don't know why its says PHP version 5.2.1, but thats what I see.
Apparently I am currently at v7.1...and the photo gallery I wish to install, is asking me to enable 7.4
And, apparently my SMF forum needs 8, even though it is already running flawlessly. ??

Anyway, I spoke to my hosting support....they are helping.
Its been explained how I can retain the different PHP versions in each site/folder to keep everything working.
They also explained I should go ahead and enable 7.4 and see what it does to my existing sites.
Then, roll back if necessary.

Its easy for everyone to keep suggesting I stop using NoF10, but I have been using NoF for years and am very familiar with it.
I have a lot of websites that would need to be rebuilt. (At my age, thats too much work)
There is no alternative to NoF...its somewhat unique in how it works for the user.
I've tried Wordpress and a couple of other so-called drag and drop builders...they're not the same.
I can't recreate the layouts and type of websites I have already created.
And I just don't have the time or patience to learn a new builder....I have grandkids!
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