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Hi All...

We have been installing a new server based on Windows Server 2003. Our old
server is based on Windows 2000 server. We have some processes running PHP
on our site. After installing and testing this process on the new Server
2003 machine, everything appeared to work correctly. However, when we
promoted the Server 2003 box to a domain controller, the web sites hosted on
the server were no longer available. When we attempt to access the sites, we
get an error of "You do not have permission to access this site". We have
reset the permissions on the web folders, but still, we can't get things to

As a test, we set up a "dummy" site with no PHP. It displayed fine. Does
anyone out there know of any problems (and hopefully solutions) to this

We're running PHP 4.3.5.

Thanks in advance.

Marc Hoffman
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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