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Photo cartridge not printing correctly

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I bought a photo cartridge for my HP 610CL printer last Spring and have used it successfully a half dozen times.

Today I wanted to print a high-quality Christmas photo, but the photo cartridge would not print with the black ink.

First, I am CERTAIN I checked the Photo Cartridge box under the Features setup.

When I print a test page, the color graphics print but not the black text and outline.

I reinstalled the driver. Didn't help. Could the cartridge have "gone bad"?

Everything prints fine with the standard 2-cartridge setup. It's just that the photo cartridge, combined with high-quality paper, does a superior job of printing photos.

Anyone have an idea what might be the problem?
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Sometimes these cartridges do dry out from non use etc.
I've actually gotten a bad cartridge out of the box, called Lexmark in my case and they replaced it with a new one.......

........they actually overnighted a new one to me that was a surprise.

Have you thought to call HP tech support or to send them an e-mail?

Thanks for your reply, DS.

"Have you thought to call HP tech support or to send them an e-mail? "

You know, I think it's been more than a year since I've received a reply from a BIG company to an e-mail plea for help.

A phone call might work. There's at least a 5% chance of getting through to a human being. You just have to be patient and have a speaker phone next to the computer.

I appreciate your comment that cartridges "do dry up" - I suspect the cartridge is most likely the problem. They cost about $50, so I'll try your suggestions before running down to Comp USA to buy another one.

the same printer as you, but have noticed lately it is cheaper over here (uk) to buy a new printer - complete with new cartridges - than too buy the seperate cartridges.
but saying that, i buy the refill kits, you can get them for the photo cartridges. ok its a bit fiddly at first but you soon get the hang of it and its so much cheaper in the long run.

try it.


I'm glad you jumped in here because you are totally right........
I too have gone the refill kit route for the cartridges myself and glad for it.
Like you say it takes a couple of times to get the hang of it but now after three refills completed one in color two black I can too say I've got the hang of it myself.

Another interesting thing I've noticed is that they all want to make it as convinient as they can for you to dispose of your old cartridges at most stores that sell new cartridges they (here anyway) have conveniently placed an "environmentally safe" place for you to dispose of your old cartridges.......

Oh how thoughtful of them leave it in in "here" and that way you won't have it so you can't refill it, just buy a new one hey how about a twin pack of new cartridges we're going to save you another 5 bucks that way..............Gimme a break PLEASE!

I had to vent, all better now....:D
Soak the cartridge head down in about ½ inch of very hot water for a couple of minutes. Dab (don’t rub) the heads on a paper towel. Install it and run the cleaning routines. If that doesn’t work try ½ inch of ammonia. These are tips from my ink supplier so I’m not just winging it.
Thanks for your comments about refill kits, Wen and DS.

I've seen frequent mention of them here and in other newsgroups. There's also a spam touting their virtures that drops by once a week.

I'll give some serious thought to trying one of those kits. Have nothing to lose...

I just tried your soaking suggestion, slipe, and IT WORKED!

Hallelujah. Great suggestion. Please, add that to our Tips & Tricks thread.

Thanks so much. You saved me $50.


That is a good idea and I've been there and done that too, with some limited success.
I dont want to sound like I'm poo-pooing you're suggestion because I'm not not at all.

I say limited success because in my experience of wicking a cartridge will help only to get every last drop of ink out of it and I've gotten a false sence of "Oh good I just saved myself buying a new cartridge" only to find myself printing away just fine and then oops time to soak it or wick it again. That I found to have a diminishing return quality about it.

Worse yet when you find that it's 11:00pm and you ain't done printing and you ain't got a new cartrige or a refill kit and the stores are all get my drift.

Really the beauty of this forum is that what one person does not cover someone else is there often times to mention and I think that is great, it is what makes this place so good.

slipe, I commend you for making the suggestion and rds33 I'm glad to see that it worked. If you can complete what cards you intend to print then indeed that is the best case scenario.

A side note....... If you've ever noticed IMO the printer mfgs. can easily afford to give you the new printer (free) as long as you buy lets say about 6 cartridges with it. The money is in the dang cartridge and as far as the actual printer goes there ain't much to them.

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