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phone not letting me change music information

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so I have an LG stylo 3 plus, and i had about 471 songs on it, and all of them were being read fine. but last night i added about 50 and now when i put it in the file, not even when im looking at it on the phone itself its showing a lot of the details as missing.
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i dont know whats causing this, as it reads fine on the computer. and last night i took out the micro SD card, and put it in my computers card reader and when i put the music on that way it showed up just fine. i dont think its the phone having too much songs because its only happening to these specific songs. the pattern isnt changing. if i remove ALL the songs and only put in the ones that are missing info, or put them in one at a time, the same songs wont have their info still even if it shows up on the computer. furthermore, i cant edit the songs information at all. however, when i go on the phone, it doesnt show the information itself as missing, but about 6 or 7 songs are showing up as <unkonwn artist> and the album has been replaced with "music" and cant be changed either.
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and this is what the details page that can usually be edited looks like
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versus how its supposed to look
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