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Pet Proof Tubing

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I'm looking around for pet-proof tubing to put on cables. I've seen a variety of tubing type, which may or may not be related to the same family:
Surgical Tubing

We had some left-over vinyl from a previous project that we gave her to see what she would do with it. She enjoys chewing on it. But, she hasn't torn it up yet.
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If the aesthetics of it doesn't bother you, I would go to the hardware store and get some Schedule 80 PVC. That pet isn't chewing through that!!

What kind of pet do you have? A beaver? Ha!
I just realized how vague some of my information was. I had just gotten off of a 40 hour work week last night and had a couple of shots of whiskey and rum. I wanted to post this question in hopes that I'd get a replyu before my weekend started. We have a cat who enjoys chewing on cables. It's not that bad if it's just a $10 cellphone cable. Unfortunately, she's ruined two Oculus Rift headset cables. We got some pet-proof tubing off of Amazon the first time to see if it would help. But, when I realized it looked like some vinyl tubing I got for another project, that's when I realized I could easily get some cheap stuff at the nearest hardware store. Now, the tubing we got off of Amazon was long enough to cover the majority of the cable. Unfortunately, the cable was slipping around enough inside the tubing that our cat was able to slip off enough to chew the second cable at the base. Fortunately, I found some 2 foot vinyl at Home Depot with a 1.5" ID that's long enough to overlap the skinnier vinyl and cover where we connected it to 2 other cables (1 HDMI, 1 USB 3) hopefully making it harder for her to chew into the cable. I think I may consider getting some sort of stopper at the ends of the longer piece so that the cat doesn't figure out how to pull it out enough to get to the cable again.
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As for that Schedule 80 PVC, as durable as that is, aesthetics would be an issue. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's not nearly as flexible as vinyl.
Another thing you could consider is hanging some ballooons around it. I hear cats don’t lie balloons.

Other than that.. you could get some black hose (like for autos) that is steeel reinforced and run cables through it.
As good as those ideas are, I think clear vinyl is the most appropriate choice to use at this point in time. Our cat likes to gnaw near the end of it. But, she has yet to puncture it. Maybe we'll eventually consider a more durable cable covering for behind furniture so that, even if we don't know she's there, she can't do much damage. Plus, it'll be out of site.
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