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People make peace as much as Politicians

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In the late 1980s I spent a weekend in a place called Benwell in the west end of Newcastle (NE England). It's an area recognised by many in relevant organisations as one of the toughest neighbourhoods in the UK. Because I went up there with a friendly demeanour I was made to feel very welcome and had a really enjoyable time. If I had gone up there with an 'attitude' , and/or been judgemental the minute I got off the bus, concidering the sort of place it is, I would probably have lasted about 5 minutes - because the 'attitude' I'd have got back would have been infinately more - erm - 'up front' than anything I'd have been able to carry off. That was 16 years ago, and I sometimes wonder if these days it's possible to be able to do things like that, and does a friendly approach evoke the same, or are we becoming cynical to all that?

Is the world generally becoming an increasingly aggressive place, where competition is all, and being friendly towards people sometimes isn't enough. Is the whole notion of friendliness seen as a strength or a weakness to be exploited these days? People have to work longer hours in the increasingly competitive work place, to pay ever higher mortgages and a bewildering array of credit agreements, and you wonder what sort of effect that's having on societies as a whole, and how societies interact with each other. We live in a high octane culture where the simple day to day use of words can be taken and twisted totally out of common sense parlance by people who seem on a mission to cripple the basis of any peaceful coexistance - spoken communication.

Is this the Neobrutalism, and is it really possible to "Give peace a chance" in the 'get one over on someone else' culture - or are we just trying to grow flowers on a motorway?
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A most interesting post, lighthouse.

I will provide my take on this situation, from he UK perspective.

I use the plural for convenience: I do not include myself and my readers!

I believe that as a nation, we have lost the plot.

We have become selfish, self-centred and totally self-focused.

People are concerned with their own material possessions, to the exclusion of almost any other emotions.

Aided by the insanity of the media, men and women have confused their roles and natural feelings.

Life is all one big apparent competition: however, as we know, life is a zero sum game.

The majority, are focused on the drivelling puke of soap operas and sitcoms.

The majority are ill-informed and politically naive.

Our society has reached the tragic apogee, where even children of 3 and 4 are marketing targets.

Women in the street, blind drunk and out of control is considered "A bit of a larf" and "Having a good time!"

We have become so inured to human suffering, mainly owing to over-exposure of this in the media, that we accept murder, maiming and violent crime as an everyday occurence.

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Thanks, Iam, and BTW welcome to TSG.

A sad so sad story, you post, yet so typical these days, I fear.

My own belief is that if we take the weighty decision to procreate, then we have to adopt the responsibilities: for life!

Not like a Nintendo: we cannot take the batteries out and leave it in the cupboard, 'cos we're bored!

My heart goes out to your nephew: it is NOT his fault. It is the fault of sorry to say, dysfunctional parenting.

But, at the end of the day, the kid suffers due to his parent's selfishness.


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I can only therefore pre-suppose, that your part of the Lone Star State must be in a Time-Warp!

I do not, I promise you, imagine the backwards progress of UK society.

I have , in the past, been involved on formal Urban Regeneration Programmes.

Oldie and I have agreed, previously, that the reason people like he and I leave or are in process of leaving the UK, is simply because of its social and economic problems.

Funny, that as Mrs P and I spent much time in France, last year, finalising our research, ALL of the people we met from the UK, seeking property were of a similar type, background, upbringing and shared behavioural characteristics, too.

So, obviously its us that has the problem and we're the ones who are socially dysfunctional!

Yet, we don't go around, puking up our guts in the street from binge drinking: vandalising property: swearing and shouting at others in the street; sit on kerbs like vagrants; throw litter evrywhere; spit on the sidewalk; urinate in public; pick fights 'cos we're rat-arsed; abuse the police; do drugs; enjoy totally irresponsible sex; have children and then desert them and leave it to the taxpayer to pick up the tab.

So perhaps it's not us, after all!

;) ;) ;)

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Originally posted by gbrumb:
1. Could you please expand on that concept.
2. Can the sex be responsible totally?
3. Would it be just as irresponsible if they didn't enjoy it?
4. Does this only apply to sex?

:D :D :D :D

Just having a little fun Paq!
Happy to GB!

1. Don't know who or what they are doing it with!

2. Of course not: otherswise it would be boring!;) ;)

3. No: it would be even MORE irresponsible!

4. Depends on your personal mores and perspectives!

All reminds me of a wonderful gag I heard recently.

This old gaffer is sitting on a park bench when a young Goth guy, with full body piercing, leather everything and hair that is all shades of the color spectrum sits next to him.

The gaffer cannot take his eyes of the kid!

After ten minutes, or so, the Goth says "What's the trouble old man: didn't you ever have any fun when you were young? Didn't you ever do anything outrageous?

After cogitating for a couple of minutes, the gaffer replies; "Sure, Son, I did. In fact when I was about your age, I made mad passionate love with a parrot!

My problem is, that I'm thinking, "Hell! This kid may well be my son!"

:D :D :D
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I watched a very worrying documentary about this, recently, Bill.

Actual film of police trying to contain the problems.

The behaviour of the "girls" in particular was unreal!

Saddens me: Ah well, France beckons, soon................

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