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my peer pc on home network behaving wierd
ok here's the story, my network was working fine untill 3 days ago, i installed a driver for another device onto peer pc , sudenly the computer blue screened and shut down on me , then after trying to boot up normally and in safe mode the peer pc wouldnt boot regardless of what i did it would just hang during boot up, i tried a asr (automated system recovery) but was unsucess full the computer was still not booting so i opted for a full format and reinstall of xp pro.

once i had reinstalled and the computer was up and running i ran the network wizard to get the peer pc online, the wizard ran fine and i assumed there was no issues with it , but ... when i tried to access the internet i found that it would not connect to surtain web pages but would connect to others with no problem, it would also ping the host on cmd prmt and the host could ping the peer with 0ms as the ping time and no packet loss, but still i had this issue with the none loading of some web pages , also it would not log on messenger it would say i was not connected to the internet, there is no irq conflicts with the nic on host and the peer is not showing any problems with its on board lan,

nic's are the following

HOST us robotics 10/100 mps nic with correct driver installed

PEER has a sis 900 based 100mps fast ethernet adapter with correct driver installed

both linked with a cross over cable.

both running xp pro

before i installed the driver onto peer (the one that made it all go wrong) everything was fine and working really well, all pages loaded and there was no lag on either pc on online games etc
but now the peer is not loading some web pages it also lags on some games , and the host is also laggy on online games but will browse the net with no problems, i have also connected the dsl modem to the peer making it the host and seeing if the original host now the peer would work fine but it is doing the same as the original peer was none respnsive on some web pages , laggy etc etc , i have pulled my hair out trying to find a solution can anyone help?

also i have noticed that on the host pc in the network connections properties it shows on the host pc the ip is correct it says manually configured, but on the peer it says or sometimes it says numbers up to 200 odd assigned by dhcp, i used to say an ip of on peer..
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