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pcmica cdrom: no access

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Hello All,

I am working on an old laptop. It's a Dell Latitude XPi. The external cdrom (connected via pcmica slot) is a "Slim" drive model number CD224. The dell has no Operating system on it except for basic system files to get to a command prompt. We want to put Windows 98 on it but I don't know how to get the Laptop to see the drive. I have tried boot disks with CD drivers on them but they don't work since it's connected thru the PCMICA slot.

What do I do??!!

Thank you,

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Thanks John:

MicroSoft no longer makes available or Sells Windows 3.11 nor 95 on diskette :down: . I found a whole bunch of guys in Spanish web site having the same problems as us :confused: . Not being able to run their CDROM, without windows. So they were asking for Window95 or 3.11 so they can load their CDROM :eek: .

Thru them I was able to find a web sites in foreign countries with all the old DOS and Windows Back to 1.00, 1.01, 2.0 and so on. 3.11 thru 95 both in English and Spanish :rolleyes: . Very primitive stuff but it is useful to collector :eek: . And my guess even to technicians :D .

If any of you guys need it let me know. I save them in MicroSoft word the web sites :rolleyes: .
You can't use it without Windows installed? Then that defeats the purpose of having it for a machine without a CD-ROM... lol
This is the British's last respond to my questions. I didn't initially realized that Origin Storage Ltd. was a British company and Dell in the UK apparently have done a number of sales of their Dell Latitude Xpi with this Slimline CDROM model 224 (I've wonder how they ended in the US, because I didn't find many American website). On my last Google search the wording I used (I do remember what words were different). Nevertheless, I also did not realized that it was going to be that complicated, but I am glad that I persisted with it. Eventough I have yet to get the damn CDROM to turn on it's tiny light, I feel that I have partaken in an adventure with you Tech Guys. I like to thank you for your time and attention. At least as mirrors and provider of ideas to help me think.

I just got the Window 3.11 (flashback) in the laptop, and I am about to Install
Windows 95 via 14 diskettes (remember?). I have encounter some difficulty because the version I have is not DOS friendly and I have to read the installation procedures and requirements. I thought it would just be a matter of writing W95Setup.exe at the a: prompt, but naaaaaaaa, they wouldn't make it that easy.

Once I get it, I will email again the Origin people and ask him about the procedure.

Hello Franco,

This PCM CDR is compatible with WIN 95. You are right about the blank computer, this device needs a windows operating system installed before it can be detected.

I'm afraid this is not supported by Linux or any other OS other than Windows 3.1 +

Your plan below will not work. Whenever you re-boot the computer you must go through the POST. While this is in progress no drivers are available to make the CDR function. At the POST this is where you must enter set-up for the 98 OS.

You will have to load on 95 first though, just on the one partition. Once it is installed, from within 95 OS insert the 98 disk and select the upgrade option. This is the only possible way I can see of getting around this, however it is still not a certainty. If at any point the system needs to reboot before the OS has finished using the CDR the upgrade may fail.

I hope you can find a way around this.
Kind Regards,
Chris Jones
Technical Manager
Origin Storage Ltd
1 The Rutherford Center
Rutherford Road
RG24 8PB
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I have done this in different ways.
I have used a pcmcia slot with a Compact Flash card adapter
with my 256 Flash card with Windows 98 on it....

But what you want to do is get the drivers that support the
PCMCIA system and load them from a floppy "A" drive...
for your laptop....

check out user name driver2 password all

I use to use H45 Quick HD you could look at this link

You could take the HD out and use an adapter and hook up the HD to your
Tower PC IDE as a second HD and load the Win98 files that way as well.

or these systemsoft socket services
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I have never seen so many versions of the PCMCIA drivers :(

Muchas Grass.
Hey you guys congratulate me, I think I finally bet this thing ( after over a year trying to firgure it out). I bought form dbay and old but unopne Windows 95 14 diskettes. Now what I have to find is the driver to put it in my computer with the Windows 95. I have not done it yet. But it looks like a weeeeeeeeeeeaner.
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