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pcmica cdrom: no access

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Hello All,

I am working on an old laptop. It's a Dell Latitude XPi. The external cdrom (connected via pcmica slot) is a "Slim" drive model number CD224. The dell has no Operating system on it except for basic system files to get to a command prompt. We want to put Windows 98 on it but I don't know how to get the Laptop to see the drive. I have tried boot disks with CD drivers on them but they don't work since it's connected thru the PCMICA slot.

What do I do??!!

Thank you,

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I jsut bought the same coputer and it came with the Slim CD player. And I am having he same problem.

I made a bootup disk from Window 98 before I blew the particians and reformated the hard drive now it will not requignize the CD Rom.

While I have been looking through and doing research in the Dell website, I did find a last week that this Slim CD Rom does come with the Dell Latitude XPi

I wanted to reload Window 98 SE.

I still do not know what is going on because I have put new information in the Boot disk under Config and now it is giving mi something wrong in the line where I put the information in the boot disk.

I guest better get back to the Dell web site and find the driver for the Slim CDROM
I found the answers to my questions. The Dell site kept moving me around until they took me to a bootable disk for this Slim CDRom. I am at school so I just extraxted the new disk that is suppost to work I also copy instructions for it.

The bootable disk is CDENAB.exe

I let you guys know it it works because I have to go home and see it works.
I can tell you one thing by reviewingthe file it is not the same kind of bootable disk I downloaded from Windows 98
The boot disked worked but it turned out that it was not for my Slim CDrom,it booted Mitsubishy and two others CDROMS. I am still looking for the Slim CDROM drivers. I founded by following the links in this below, but I do not remember the exact http:// I am going to do it again and if I find it at least you'll se the one for the mitsubishi or whatever the name of the other CDROMs are.

I am still looking for the Slim CD rom it was in a Dell Forum that I found the other bootup disk.
when you go to the link search for "Slim CDROM drivers" or something like that.

What this message board does is that it helps me think as I am looking for the information.
Well it later took me to a download search at

But I am not too sure that I am geting what I am looking for, because this is for Dell products, I am looking for a non dell product that is being used by Dell as a CDrom named Slim
Nooooooooooooooo, I reached a dead end. :mad:

What I am looking for is a driver for my bootup disk.

The Slim model 224 is in my Dell Latitude XPI
This is my problem, which I think is stimilar to the person who started this Thret.

I have the same problem with my Slim Model 224 CDRom. I have a Dell Latitude XPi, that I blew the patition and reformated the hard drive.

Before I did that I made a bootable startup disk right from the old Windows 98 (I tried to download a short version of Windows 98 SE and wouldn't do it.

Any way I did made a disk, but when I tried to run the bootable disk, it will not requignize the CDrom so I can not load the Windows 98 SE, because my CDrom is not working. I was able to identify that the Slim CDrom driver was missing, but I can not find any of this stuff in the internet. Does any one know where to look?

It appears that I need the driver, but I can't find it in the internet, any help?It appears that all I need is the driver to included in my bootable disk and then id it by Config.sys, but I just can not find the driver for the Slim Model 224 CDRom. I believe that it is a 1998 year, the laptop was given to me by a friend.
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I just figured out that the problem is not the Bootable Strartup Disk, but rather that I do not have any Drivers that go to the hard drive I suppose. I have found some, but lose it when the computer I was on closed my windows because one frozed.

the before stated Bootup Startup Disk is accurate, and here is the link where you can go and download the Latitude Xpi Drivers. I am still tring to figure out how to load it in my laptop.
No I got the wrong one I think.

Let me give you something else that I found at dell. This are drivers, but I am not too sure if they are the correct one. I need to find out how to get them into my computer.

The ones from dell fit in 2 Diskett.

I was told it was but I do not know what Dos codes to use I am reading about it now.
Ii think I am comming to understand now, that the problem is not the Bootup or Startup Disk. The ones I have made work fine.

What the computer hard drive is missing the Slim CDRom drivers or program. When I got the computer, the person who gave it to me told me he gave me all he had.

I think that when the Slim CDRom was bought it came with a Diskett that has the programs and Drivers in it. I am missing that information and I am going crazy looking for it. I have some drivers, but I believe those are for the Dell Latitude XPi and even though I might need some of those drivers, what I reall need is a download with the programs for the Slim CDROM.
Thank you Jedi Master:

A few years back I took the course on Computar Tech, I have never sat for the A+ Certification exam. I can put a computer together etc. But I am pretty bad in trouble shooting and a lot of the Operating Sytem Dos and procedure.

I did not get to have a lot of on hand experience. And the problem is that "If you don't use the skills you learn right away, you loose them". So right now I feel like a Quack.......................... but I am presitent.

And when I get in trouble like this I just keep fireing away. Because I know that the system was operational when I blew all of the partitions. I just forgot to back up all of the programs I needed to put back when I started again. I thought the bootable disk would do it and for a week I most have downloaded 5 diferent kinds of bootable disk. And at the same times picked up a few Geeky books from the library. So I have been doing this step by step, and once in a while skiping or missing a few steps.

Thank you for the information you have provided. I will keep telling you what I have been doing and when I find new good material I will post it.

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I have downloaded

into a Diskette, but it appears that it might be bigger than a diskette, because it already gave me an error say so and at the end it was sounded like it was looking for space to load it in the diskette.

I don't know if it can be done but I am plaing to put a second diskette to complete the download will see it it work. Not likely, but can not hurt to try.


Can't wait until I get as good as the teacher.
Seems it looks like it does not all want to fit in my diskett. I figure I download it in my server at the College (I teach at Miami Dade Community college) and the from the server, download whatever is missing into another diskett.

I think that might work. What do you think?
Well it loaded into my server real quick, while it took about 2 minutes to load into my diskett. I"ll se what is missing. and load it into another disket that is empthy
Actually, the message in my computer said that "the content of the selfextracted file could not be completed because either didn't have enought space on the diskett or the file is corrupted." or something like that. And the file that was having problem was Sel.exe. (it still needed to download TXTSETUP.OEM)

As you might remember I said I was going to down load it in my Schools Server. By coinsidents I already had this same file downloaded before, from a previous message in here. I try to use that disket (that was not labeled outside), to compete downloading SEL.EXE and TXTSETUO.OEM). After I downloaded in the server, that disket was full from a previous download that I already had.

So I had to disketts with the same file. One that I downloaded from your recomendation and one that I had downloaded from much previous recomedantion in the Threat.

I did not know that I had something in that diskett (when I went to see if I could download the rest on the (previously loaded disket) it told me that it was currupted (and wouldn't go on), because I tried to download it again on top of the previously it toldme that I should go on because the file I was tring to download was currupted. Could I be getting this notice if the diskett that I am using has a bad Cluster in the disk?

okay, no matter, I have two disketts so one has to be good. NOW, What DOS "codes"<can't remember what we call it in tecki terms) should I used to download the File in A:Drive , to go in what I think should be in the C: Drive that is the Hard Drive??????? Is that where this file goes in the HARD DRIVE???????
I assume that after I download this file, the BootupStartup Disk should identify my CDROM, so that I can download Windows 98 SE. Geeeeeeeeeze, :eek: I hope I used all the right terms and you understand what I am saying :confused: .
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam so happy I finally got that information. I have scannded throug several books (manals). Of course now that I see it, I remember it, but if I would have left it to my own memory, I would have done something like A:\ setup C:\ I don't know how many times I have tried.

Any way I think I still owe you where to find CDENAB.exe did you find it your self following my link?????????????????????????????? This bootup will open Hitchi, Mitusis <I think thats the name) and E <whatevers). Hey Hey Hey, I think I am going to have to hang around with you guys for a while to get back use to talking like a techy.
I am going home and try it in a minute, I am still at school.
The initial bootdisk I have now requestes a MSCD001 driver and the other bootdisk I made request a driver named BANANA
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