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pcmica cdrom: no access

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Hello All,

I am working on an old laptop. It's a Dell Latitude XPi. The external cdrom (connected via pcmica slot) is a "Slim" drive model number CD224. The dell has no Operating system on it except for basic system files to get to a command prompt. We want to put Windows 98 on it but I don't know how to get the Laptop to see the drive. I have tried boot disks with CD drivers on them but they don't work since it's connected thru the PCMICA slot.

What do I do??!!

Thank you,

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Thanks for the tips. I'll try them out tonight hopefully and let you know how it went.
I could not find any solution at bootdisk, driverguide, or dell.

The cd rom does not really state a manufacturer. Just says "Slim CD-Rom drive. Model.:CD224

It too came off of ebay I think. No files came with the laptop or cd-rom.

I can get power to the drive so I tend to think the drive, cable, and pc card are all capable of working.......just can't get it to see it.

Any more ideas?
I have not tried the last idea yet but I will.

There is no USB on the cd-rom or the Laptop.

The PCMICA card says the following:
Model No: EIDE2000
SN#: A6104257

The guy from Ebay does not have any documention for the laptop or the cd-rom other than the general instructions about the laptop--nothing useful.
Well, none of those ideas worked. The cd-rom is not a Dell model (or so I assume) because it did not come with it. It was purchased seperately.

Is there anything else I could try?
The only other info on the PC Card is an image of a sun made out of a yellow spiral with green rays coming out of it.
No FCC id

On the drive there is no logo image or FCC id.
However on the very bottom in small letters is LB-SCR242
and on the cable itself is a sticker labeled DS07
Just found this:
it looks like the same drive!

and according to this pdf file:
it does not even support DOS.

So that may be why none of these drivers are working......
Guess this is a lost cause?......

Guess I'll have to find another way to get Windows on the Laptop.

Thanks again everyone.
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Looks like Jedi Master jumped in there before I finished editing my message. Sorry about that.
if the boot disk works....please give me the link for future reference.
i have fixed the problem by buying a new hard drive with windows 98 already on it. (Ebay)

I got your email message. I never did get the slimline cdrom working. I only needed it to work so I could get an OS on the hard drive. Since I bought a hard drive with an OS already on it, it eliminated the need for the cdrom.

Sorry bud! I hope you figure something out.
Hey John!!!! you are in luck. It seems that now that you have Windows 98 in your hard drive, you can download the drivers approprietly. I got a responds from Original the people who make the Slim CDRom-PCM CD224.

Hello Franco,

I believe this is a PCMCIA type connection?

If this is so, your computer will not recognise it until windows has been installed. The PCMCIA bus slot in the actual laptop requires drivers to operate as well. Until Windows is installed you will not be able to use this type of connection.

I do not believe there is a Secondary/media bay available for your PC. Your best hope is to get a docking station with CDR built in or a Parallel connection CDR.

If that is out of the question the only other thing I can think of is to remove the HDD and put it into a similar laptop with a built in CDR.

I'm sorry Franco but these products are not compatible with DOS.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.
Kind Regards,
Chris Jones
Technical Manager
Origin Storage Ltd

I am wondering if I can some how make a connection with another computer with a CDROM. Using a dos interface and load the Windows 98 that way.

Another way I am trying to workout in my imagination is if I can load Windows 95 with disketter, then see if I can have the CDROM operates. Then open a second patition load the Windows 98SE make sure it runs with the Windows 98 and then delete the First partition. What do you think?

Do the same operations as above using one of the free Linox. Is that posible?

I know that a friend of mine had two different operating system (I think 98 and 2000) loaded in one hard drive with two different partitions.

Or am I pushing the limits.
I'm not sure if the dual partition would work or not. I've not done much of that personally and not sure of the limits, especially when it comes to accessing files from one partition to another. Sounds good either way.
At least your are making some progress. The computer I had is actually my father-in-laws. He only uses it for quick internet access (instant messaging and thing of that nature). He uses one of his other 2 computers now for anything that requires a cd-rom. I'll keep that in mind though, as he usually volunteer me to fix their pc's. I've never bought one or seen one, but I'm sure they make interfaces to where you could connect the hard drive to a desktop motherboard. That would probably be the easiest way I can think of.
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