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PC wont fully run and is stuck in GIGABYTR screen

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So a few hours ago i cleaned up my pc from dust (something i usualy do and i know how to not ruin stuff while doing it) when plugging back in the pc for the first time it will run (fans and lights inside are on) but it wont send any signal to the screen. I unplugged it and made sure every cable inside the pc was connected and when i replugged my pc 2nd time it did send a signal but only the gigabyte motherboard screen, and it also wont react to F12/9/END/DEL.
Stuff i noticed : the fan will run fast like it should on startup but then itll shutdown and run again but slower.
This has happened to me before but cant seem to solve this now.
Thanks to all readers
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Also tried to connect hdmi from both motherboard and card
I think you might need to give the hardware people some more to work on.
Gigabyte make a lot of motherboards.
A model number would be a good start.

The first thing I would is a cmos/RTC reset.
Some Gigabyte boards have a reset button. Some have a jumper pin method.
Since we don't know much about your MB.
Power off
Remove main power cable
Press the on button a couple of times to drain all power.
Remove cmos battery for 10min.
Battery back in
Poer cord back in
Turn on.
NB this will set the bios back to defaults.
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Thanks first of all, its a b450m d3sh. The processor is a amd ryzen 5.
Is it hidden by the graphics card?
According to the motherboard manual diagram, the round flat CMOS battery is located between the long PCI Express x16 and PCI Express x4 slots.
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If the system worked before and not now, there are really only two possibilites;
1 You knocked something loose while inside the case ie atx pw, aux pw, ram, video card, etc
2 You broke something either by physically hitting a component OR by causing ESD

Start with the basics. Reseat ALL connections. Reseat means just that remove the connector, inspect for any burn marks and reinstall making sure it is fully seated. Reseat your ram. Reseat the video card. Note there is a latch that must be depressed when removing the card. Do not just yank the card out; you will break something. Once you have reseated ALL connections, pw ON and see if it works. If it does, great. If not, you are going to have to start swapping parts with known good units ie pw supply, ram, motherboard, etc.
Also tried to connect hdmi from both motherboard and card
If you did that with the video card still installed, it would never work. Modern systems disable onchip video when a real video card is physically installed AND the fact that almost all ryzen processors do not have onchip video.
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