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PC ticking noise

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since three days my PC is not turning on nor post, instead it is just making a ticking noise every approx. 3 seconds...see the picture... the red circled one that is the "thing" that is making the ticking noise. Has anybody have an idea what this cable might be ? Or what is causing the problem?

thanks in advance

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That round thing is a mobo PC speaker.....perfectly normal piece of hardware as most of us have one. That's how you hear your post beep.

As to what the ticking noise is; we can only guess because we can't actually hear the tick noise.
Thanks for your response. I uploaded the clicking sound to soundcloud link ( ).
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If the sound is coming from the speaker, then it's not the HDD. To me, the sound is coming from the speaker.

Lets check some basics: Power down and pull the side panel off and check all the cabling to make sure its all securely seated. Then do the same for any hardware; GPU, RAM and any add on cards. Then pull the CMOS battery out for 5 minutes and reattach. Then power up and see it will boot.
Please list all you PC components ( system specs) by brand/make/model.
It's making that noise because your PC isn't posting. As above list your components and general history. Could be a bad power supply, or anything really (I see you're using a Thermaltake smart PSU).
sorry for the late answer...
@bassfisher6522 I pulled out the CMOS battery and checked all kabels but it didn't post.
as for the components I am not 100% sure of everything but here is the list:
Motherboard : Gigabyte 1150 GA-Z97M-D3H
CPU : core i7-4700H
GPU: Nividia GTX 970
HDD: Western Digital 500 GB
Power Supply : Themaltake smart SE 530W
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