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PC starts all on it's own

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My friend has a pc with Win 2000 installed and told me after shutting it off for an hour or so it will turn it's self back on. Anybody have any idea why this would happen? Any help is greatly appreciated?
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It may be bad RAM, though thats usually when it restarts from when you are using it.

Also, is it actually shutdown or is it in standby, and is he on cable internet?


He's not on cable, and i think he would notice the diff between shutdown and stand out of curiosity could it be the CMOS battery going bad that would cause it?
If the battery was going, is he losing any info, like his clock going slow? You can take it out and put it back in, or completly replace it.
It may also be a power supply problem.

Is it fully shut down, I mean? Just seems a bit strange, that's why I was asking about the cable. It may be comprimised. Is it always about an hour?

Has he installed any new hardware lately?

Good questions Eddie.....Thanks.

I'll have to ask him and get back.
lol, I wish I knew how to set a computer up so that it turns on after 1 hour. I can just imagine now, all my friends computers with a mind of their own. hhehehehe. Sorry, I didn't post here to help you your problem ;)
Another thought may be if the system came with a preinstalled
nic card the wake-on-lan jumper may be installed. Try going to the bios and disabling the wake-on-lan function.
Toyman, check the BIOS setup and see if the machine is set to restart after a power failure! This is a feature on newer boards and if it set to restart, any surge in the power would restart the machine!

eddie5659- You won't be Spookie Eddie would you?
Randy48: Fraid not, always been eddie5659 on any forum on the web.

Can a maintenance program or anything else be scheduled to restart a computer?

also see this... to configure the system NOT to automatically reboot upon failure or lock-up.

not sure if it applys though

some good suggestions......... i'll check with him and come back to report the results

Thanks everyone...
Sorry it took so long to reply but anyway...

Mt friend tried everything and nothing worked so he ended up putting windows ME back on. He said someone told him that windows 2000 and his mother board weren't compatible or something like that. He hasn't had the problem since putting ME on so whatever it was it had to do with 2000 causing the problem. Thanks for all the suggestions.


Might have been interesting to look at the MB angle, but if he has ME and its working, why bother.

See Ya

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