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PC reboots when I play Overwatch

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I'd like to start off by saying I don't know very much about computers so please if you choose to help explain like I am a child. Two days after buying Overwatch my PC rebooted in the main menu when I launched the game, after messing around with fan speeds and updating drivers the problem was still there, then after an hour I tried to launch again and the problem seemed to have disappeared, so then another two days go buy and my PC reboots in the middle of a game I try to launch Overwatch and it reboots in the main menu again, I try it the next day and I manage to get one minute into a game and it reboots, now it's back to rebooting straight away. I doubt overheating is the problem, temp goes up to 75°C at it's highest.

OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz
RAM: 12.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 530MHz
Motherboard: EVGA X58 SLI Classified
Graphics Card: 3072MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
PSU: Corsair VS650
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Temp on what part goes up to 75? 75 degrees for the CPU would be too hot, 75 for the graphics card would be acceptable.

FYI, you don't really have the right power supply, the VS line Corsair's entry level line designed for office PC's not high demand gaming systems.
75 for cpu, but can that really be the problem since most of time it reboots straight after I launch the game when tempreture is at 50 at the most? About the psu, I bought the pc pre built and it was advertised as a gaming pc so I didn't know it wasn't a well suited psu for gaming. Is there any way of verifying that the psu is the problem like a stress test or something?
You can watch the voltages but that's about it, there is no home stress test for a power supply.

eVGA Eleet should show you the voltages:

Also, Intel list 67.9 degrees at the max recommended temp so if you are hitting 75 under gaming then you have a cooling issue, or a power issue to the CPU.
Downloaded it checked voltages and am overwhelmed and do not know what any of this actually means
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Monitoring is the only tab you need to be looking at right now.

Also, Windows has a built in function to take screenshots, much better then using a camera. Press the Print Screen(PRNTSCR/PRTSC) button on the keyboard, then right click and paste into your post.

Use ALT and PRTSC to capture only the window in focus and nothing in the background, and no need to save the picture first, just paste it straight into your your post.
I'm actually using my phone to reply because my internet on pc is very iffy right now (that's why it took me so long to reply the last time, I had to wait for the thing to download)
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Is there is anything I should be worried about here.
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I was looking at the evga e-leet monitoring just now and it was saying cpu temp at 38 which seemed lower than usual so I launch speccy (which was the software I used to give you the tempretures in the first post) and it was saying that the cpu was at 54. Which do I trust?
I would trust the software from the motherboard manufacturer more. Although maybe the other one is looking at core temps. You can also go into the BIOS and check it there.

Do those voltages change as you play games?
I can't check it with overwatch right now, like I said before my internet right now is iffy so I can't connect to the game so it won't let me launch right now, would a different, less strenuous game give you the info you need?
We can check with another game, need to see the monitoring screen while playing.

What is the problem with your internet?
My internet has never been the greatest I live in an area that just doesn't have good internet and has very bad off days.
I don't have very demanding games so I tried Sims 3 on highest settings as soon I set it on 1080p it restarted then I tried again and the resolution reset to 4:3 and rebooted again without me even changing the resolution. Should I try again with a completely undemanding game or is there no point?
I looked how to check what driver I have and it told me to go through a series of action got me to this
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I managed to download runescape and it's on the highest visual settings and this is what I got but the fps caps at 30 for some reason.


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I believe that's the latest.

I'm still kinda leaning toward a power supply issue.
For whatever reason it is currently working.
It started working for some reason, but I don't want to mark this as solved yet because as you know from reading the the first post this has happened before, it randomly started working for a couple days and then it stopped so I won't mark it yet especially because I didn't actually do anything to fix it.
For the actual problem how sure are you that the psu is the problem? I googled "corsair vs650 reboot" and there were some people that were having similer problems, so I think I would be willing to buy a new one, I just don't want to if something else could be the problem.
I'm not sure, however you have the wrong power supply for the job. You should be getting a power supply designed for gaming or high demand use. For example the Corsair HXi, AXi, RMi series, or something like the Antec High Current, or Seasonic power supplies.
Does the fact that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't support the idea that the psu is the problem? Thank you for your recommendations. Do PSUs have to be compatible to anything and if so which of the ones you recommended are compatible to my specs?
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