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PC random black screen followed by restart

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Hi, so for around 6 months now i have had a problem with my pc where it randomly black screens followed by a reboot. This used to happen infrequently but recently the issue is becoming more prevalent and i worry for the health of my old HDDs. I'm actually a little worried typing this right now knowing it may crash on me.
i have tried to narrow this down for a while, I have uninstalled and reinstalled graphics and audio drivers, updated bios, ran memcheck, ran both automatic and manual stress tests. All my thermals are fine, I believe I have plenty wattage for my build as there is no crash at full load on all components.
Speaking of my build:
GIGABYTE Z390 Gaming X
i9-9900k / aio cooler
GTX 1070 FTW
2x 16Gb GSkillz DDR4
620w Seasonic PSU (around 7 years old)
1tb nvme
3x HDD (one is usb powered external)
Multiple usb devices: Behringer audio interface, IFI DAC, Maschine mikro mk3, bluetooth adapter
2x monitor
The problem seems to persist despite my best efforts. :(
As i said, under extreme load my pc is fine, runs like a champ, just yesterday i thought it could be either overheating or psu so i multitasked multiple programs at the same time; Adobe Photoshop (200 layers) + Maschine 2 (track playing) + Abelton live (track playing) + MPC-BE (running madvr video renderer on highest settings) + Gundam Evolution + Firefox (100 tabs and multiple videos playing). My PC took it like a champ, CPU reached 100% with max temp of 100c, GPU also reached max %
I've been searching in the bios trying to find some possible solution, I thought my psu was not supplying enough wattage, this doesn't seem to be the case, so then i thought maybe sometimes there is too little load on my psu. So I turned power loading on, did not help.
One thing I am noticing is the problem is much more frequent with my second monitor (actually a tv ; Vizo m50e-1) plugged in. My problem most frequently occurs when i am rendering anime through madvr (usually when swapping to fullscreen mode on second monitor) though it also occurs when madvr isn't loaded. My problem nearly never occurs when playing video games.
I have recently switched to windows 11, however this happened also on windows 10 (less frequent). I am starting to believe there may be a problem with my motherboard, I recall around a year ago hearing a capacitor hissing on my mobo, it used to annoy me. I don't hear the hiss anymore.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading <3

PS: there is no event log for this crash
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So loading tons of programs don't produce the black screen; but using your TV does it more often, I would say swap out your graphics card for another one and see if the black screen still happens. Faulty RAM produce strange problems, and I am think maybe it is your video RAM that is the problem. So swap your graphics card and see.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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