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pc not reading hard drive or partitions

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I need help recovering from a major disaster.
What began with a virus (bugbear) ended (thru a series of blunders) with my old compaq presario 4880 being inoperable.
I tried to run the quick restore disk but it failed halfway thru the format sequence, leaving my system destroyed.

I deleted my partitions with FDISK in the DOS mode but I can't get FDISK to reinstall new partitions. It just tells me that there are no partitions to delete.
My OS is W98 and it has be upgraded to SE.
I can boot from an emergency boot disk but I only get an A prompt now and typing in other drive letters tells me they are invalid drive letters.

My pc is not reading my hard drive (C) or my CDROM
when I boot up using the quick restore recovery CD, it comes up initially but then tells me to insert the CD although I have it in the drive already.
I'm stumped!
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Below is a link to compac's website,,you need to download the personal computer diagnostics and you will have to follow instructions at the site,, if you get stuck try and be exact and I'll do my best to help.

Personal Computer Diagnostics
Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 95

Unpacks the files needed to create a bootable Compaq Personal Computer Diagnostics diskette, which supports currently shipping Deskpro and Presario ... Click here for the link
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