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PC no talk to USB

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I'm having problems w/my HP 932C Deskjet Printer, connected via USB to a PC running Windows Me.

Printer was working fine, then one day I went to print a page in landscape
off the www, and it froze up. I've tried the built in trouble shooting
ideas, plus suggestions from HP. I even tried to do some kind of forced
print from DOS. Couldn't do a test print page from the printer properties

Since then, I've uninstalled the driver, downloaded a fresh driver from HP.
When I plug in the USB connector, a window should open to load the new
device. That doesn't happen. Tried to Add Printer, but that process
doesn't recognize the USB port (only LPTs). I plugged it into another USB
port, but that made no difference. I think the port is good, since scanner
still works. Also swapped cables w/scanner: no go.

Printer will run its own self test, sample page.

Also scrubbed tmp, chk files, scandisk, defrag.

Any ideas?
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Hi – welcome to the board.

Unplug the printer from USB. Uninstall the driver. Go to the printers folder and make sure it is not there. Go to device manager and remove the printer if it is there.

The printer has no reason to be in device manager, but my HP 930 ended up there when I tried to switch from parallel to USB. I couldn’t get the new hardware prompt when it was there and it didn’t show in the printer folder.

There are two downloads from HP. One is about 3 ½ Mb and for USB installations – that was the one that caused problems. It put the printer in device manager with no other reference to it. I was managing to get the new hardware found prompt, but the driver install just put it back in device manager.

There is another 8Mb file that works for both parallel and USB. The 8Mb one worked for me. It doesn’t install at the new hardware found prompt, but as normal software. It is much newer than the USB driver and displays a bit differently. It puts an icon in the tray to change quality on the fly (which I removed) and changes the toolbox and properties from what I was accustomed to.
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I've moved this to the Windows forum in hopes of getting more response.

Let's see if that helps. Unfortunately, I'm not much good with communications...
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