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PC - Monitor connecting issues

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I have a new PC that I got in February. Unfortunately while I was trying to look at my RAM and my graphics card, something happened and now my PC won't connect to my monitor. I have tried several online troubleshooting tutorials but none seem to work. A list of things I have tried are:
- Removing and then putting the CMOS Battery back in.
- Removing both RAM and graphics card and putting them back in.
- Replacing my VGA cables.
- Draining my computers power by holding the on/off button then removing and putting back in the CMOS battery.
- Cleaning my RAM slot for dust etc.
Please help me, I am only 13 and my mother will be so mad at me. (My Dad already knows).

Info about PC
- Windows 10 Home
- Intel Pentium CPU
- HDD not SSD
- Two BenQ monitors with new cables and working fine
- Power cables work fine.
- Mouse + Keyboard is irrelevant but they are Lenovo
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Hi nickb123, and welcome to TSG.

1) ASUS makes many different models of motherboards and video controller cards. Please provide full model numbers of both.

2) If your motherboard has a built-in video controller and you are using a plug-in video controller card, are you making sure you are plugging the monitor into the video controller card's output?

3) If your computer used to beep when you turned it on, does it still do so? Is it a single beep or some pattern?

4) Do the keyboard status light blink when the computer is turned on?

5) When you say "my PC won't connect to my monitor" is it because the monitor displays a no video input error message?
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By "While I was trying to look at my RAM and my Graphics Card" do you mean you pulled them out to look at them? If so you should be aware that when removing any accessories it's safest to remove the PC from the power source completely. You could try one stick of ram at a time to see if you toasted one of them and also check to see if you may have knocked something loose while fooling around or failed to re-seat something properly.

Hopefully it's not a static issue which can really mess stuff up. Also if your machine has on-board video as well as an addon card you might try that connection to see if you can get it to post, go into the bios and check that PCI-E is set to first graphics device.

Finally since it's new, you should consider RMAing it but don't tell them you were playing around inside.
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Thanks. Here are my specs

Motherboard - ASUS H110M-E MicroATX DDR4 USB3.0 HDMI LGA1151 Motherboard

RAM - Kingston KVR24N17S8/8 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 2400MHz Desktop memory

Hard drive - Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 1TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive (HDD)

CPU - Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz (Retail box with a cooler)

GPU - ASUS Radeon RX550 2GB Card

Power sup - Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite CM-590

2. My VGA and HDMI (double monitor) is connected to my MoBo and I had no issues previously so that is not the issue.

3. My computer didn't use to beep.

4. No, my keyboard is Lenovo (no RGB) and doesn't normally blink, however the Number Lock normally always turned on, and it doesn't now.

5. There is no signal ("No Signal Detected") My monitor model is:
BenQ LCD Monitor GL2460-B (100V-240V).

Next post: Yes, I pulled out the following (RAM, GPU and CMOS battery). I had the PC turned off, however the plug was not removed. I currently only have one RAM (getting a second one to optimise gaming) I checked that they are inserted properly on a PC assembling video. I bought the computer which has a 1 year warranty so it's fine because they literally just offered to fix it for me. However, I want to continue this discussion just so I can get more knowledge on computers so this problem doesn't happen again. Thanks
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