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PC keeps turning off after being turned on

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I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out what happened to my pc. I got it last year in April and it was working fine until a couple months ago.

I didn't download to much on it, just a few games and some photo editing softwares. Yesterday I kinda got upset because I didn't think my pc would have issues so soon.

The main issue I had initially was there not being enough space when I had a whole 1.6TB in my D drive. And then yesterday it just gave up on me. So I decided to use an external hard drive that I have been using the past 3 or so months. It never gave me any issues when I used the uni imac pcs and then again at home on my Windows pc. I was using my partner's gpu and laptop the past week and when I used it on my pc after that.. my pc wouldn't turn on or would not load my files from the external hard drive to my pc. That was yesterday.

Today, I turned on my pc and it was running for about 10s before it just shut off. Without pressing the power button, it switched itself on again before switching off. It does this countless times unless I force it off and switch off the main power.

Things I have tried so far:
- Use a new power cable
- Unplug unnecessary USB cables
- Reset CMOS (but now my monitor doesn't recognise any video) :(
- Tried putting my pc in safe mode but it doesn't work

Can anyone tell me what else I could try? I don't know a whole heap about computers and what needs to go where but I do know a little bit.

RAM: 16gb DDR4
Processor: i5-6400
RX 580 4GB
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Also, I can't seem to get my monitor to recognise the video so the bios screen doesn't pop up.
What power supply are you using? It sounds like the power supply might be faulty and causing the other components to not work properly.
What power supply are you using? It sounds like the power supply might be faulty and causing the other components to not work properly.
I have a Gamdias Helios E1-500.

I haven't opened the entire pc, just the side panel. I was a little afraid to open it up because I only know like 50% of what I'm actually doing.
I cannot find much info on your pw supply other than some basic specs. IMO it looks like a junk unit; only 32amp on the 12V rail. Any quality 500W unit is going to have approx 40amp on the 12V rail.
Your unit appears to supply much of it's power to the 5V rail which is useless on a modern system.

You posted that you did not remove the side cover. IF you are comfortable working inside the case do the following;
1 System OFF and pw cord removed from the back of the pw supply

2 Pull the pw connectors from ALL drives; both hd and optical. If you have a M.2 type drive, remove it

3 Reseat ie remove and replace both atx and aux/cpu pw connectors on the motherboard. Be sure they are fully seated

4 Remove ALL ram and blow the slots out with a can of air. Reinstall the ram and be sure it is fully seated

5 Disconnect any usb device ie printer, hub, whatever. Leave the keyboard connected to a rear usb2 port

6 Clear cmos with the clear pins or jumper. Read your motherboard manual for detailed instructions

7 Reseat the video card. Note there is a latch that must be depressed to remove the card. Do not just yank it out; you will break something. Be sure the card is fully seated in the slot

8 Replace the pw cord and attempt to pw ON. If the system will complete POST, then shutdown and start connecting devices one at a time until you find the failed part. If the system will not POST in the above config, then you need to swap parts with known good units; ie motherboard, pw supply, ram, etc

Note if you are not comfortable working inside the case, the best advise is to take the system to a shop and have them diagnose the problem for you. By shop, I mean just that a real shop and NOT a chain store.
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