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Hi folks

I'm hoping this great community can help me pin point a problem I am having with the majority of my games.

PC Specs:
P4 3.2 GHz
2GB Ram
Geforce 6800 GT 256
Windows Xp Sp2

Beginning about a month ago (had this home built PC for about a year or less) I started encountering a problem with some new games such as M&M Dark Messiah, Warhammer Mark of chaos, and even World of Warcraft (which worked fine in the past). The problem is when I would start playing the game I would within minutes start experiencing graphic glitches/tearing and then freeze-ups that would last around 10 seconds at a time, and they would continue until my computer would shut and restart.

My first impression is that my 3D card is overheating, however World of Warcraft for instance is working fine now after I followed a couple recommended fixes (deleting game cache folder,etc) and adjusting my graphic settings. Unfortunatly I can't really pinpoint what was the exact problem was since I did a variety of things untill it started working fine.

Logic tells me its my 3D card crapping out on me, but instinct tells me that its something else because why would world of Warcraft work fine, along with Warhammer 40k, but certain other games freak out? Another quick example, I had this graphic glitch freeze up problem happen to me again with Never Winter Nights 2 during character creation??? Only 1 simple 3d model present during creation, so this shouldn't be causing overheating.

Long winded I know but I am stumped and have searched countless forums for solutions. If there is any more info you require, feel free to ask and I will be happy to reply.

Thanks again, if anyone can help me find a solution or a way to find out if infact my 3d card if overheating or faulty I would greatly appreciate it.

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