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PC doesn't detect my CDRW

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I have a custom build computer I put together about 2 years ago. Ever since my CDRW would sometimes show up and most of the time not show up as one of my drives. Recently I started using my CDRW for storage, but I am still facing this problem with Windows not seeing my drive. Does anyone have any suggestion. I have a Windows 2000 Professional. My CDRW is Accer "CRW 1610". Thanks in advance.
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Hi senaddor

Sounds to me like there may be a loose connection between the IDE cable and the RE-write

Take the case of your comp and check the connection is firmly in place

Do you have anything else on the same IDE cable ?

I have taken my computer apart X number of times. I have also examined everything and it seems to be looking fine. What bothers me is that it's intermittent. Any other suggestions?
The fact that it's intermittant is what made me think it might be a hardware connection - have you looked very closely at the connection to see that nothing is slightly damaged - it's a longshot I know

How are your IDE cables set up - primary\secondary - slave\master - what devices do you have where ?
I have my DVD/CD slot set to master and CDRW to slave. Do I have to do anything in BIOS?
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