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PC Crashing Randomly

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This all started happening after I installed an SSD. It was a Samsung Evo 850. It sometimes happens when I'm just using my computer, on youtube. It usually happens while I'm playing games, like fortnite or paladins. I feel its an overheating issue. The fans speed up tremendously when it turns off. It just black screens and show the bios options screen(where you click DEL for bios options. In the event viewer, it Kernal-Power. My PC case is fairly large. I have a stock heatsink for the CPU aswell.
I've contacted Microsoft and all they've done is do a disk cleanup 3 times.
I have HWiNFO and my
+12V = 12.029V
+5V = 5.160V
+3.3V = 3.305V

I have an Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
Zotac GTX 760.
AMD FX-6300
A Hitachi 1TB HDD
A 625W PSU.
6GB ram.

I've attached a log file from hwinfo.

Thankyou, in advance


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If that log is correct, your vcore is WAY too high. Normal vcore for that cpu is 1.2V; your log shows 1.41V. Are you attempting to overclock?
I would first check cpu voltage in the bios and see what it says.
Next you need to post exact specs. 625W pw supply tells us very little however something like corsair hx850 would tell us a lot more. Do that for ALL of your parts.

Since this is an asus board and asus probe is available for your board, download and install probe from the support page for your board. Once installed, post the following; cpu temp, vcore, 12V, 5V, and 3.3V values. Do this twice. Once under a normal load and once while running a stress test like prime95. Let prime95 run for at least 5min to stabilize temps and voltages.

You posted this started after you installed a ssd. Did you clone your old drive to the ssd, clean install windows, what?
Yes, I will get the specs and everything else shortly. I reinstalled windows on the new SSD. I run prime95 and furMark without any errors. Although i only run prime96 for about 5 mins. I will do what you have suggested and get back to you. Thankyou so much
|I overclocked the CPU before I got the SSD. After that windows got reinstalled and I reset the bios. I did load default settings and tried the manual way with the 3 pin thing on the motherboard. Everything is set to auto for the CPU. As I was monitoring the vcore. I noticed that it would fluctuate from 1.4V all the way down to 0.9V within a second.

My PSU is the Coolermaster Extreme 2 625:

Zotac GTX 760, 2GB.
AMD Fx-6300 Six-Cores. :
Samsung Evo 850:

I didn't change my ram. I had it before I upgraded my PC. One stick is 2 GB. It is a Micron Tech one. This is what the module Part number says:
I found this link on it.

The second one is 4GB. It says Samsung and the Module part number says: M378B5273DH0-CH9

I tried installing Asus Probe but it says Does not support this Operating System: WNT_6.2H_64
I tried the other Setup file and it said ACPI driver installed failed, PC Probe II does not support this model.

Under Normal load, it reads

CPU: 69° C | Average: 69°C
Vcore: 1.284V | Average 1.322V
+12V: 12.106V| Average 12.054
+5V: 5.160V | Average 5.146V
+3.3V: 3.24V | Average 3.23V

While running Prime95: CPU Temp: 87° C | Average 87° C
Vcore: 0.960V | Average 1.057V
+12V: 12.106V| Average 12.060V
+5: 5.130V | Average 5.123V
+3.3V: 3.324V | Average 3.316V

BTW, I did a Blend test on Prime95. While the test was running the CPU cores were all at 100%. When I turned it off they were at from 3% to 10%.

Once again Thankyou so much for your help.
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You have your answer; look at the temps. 69C under a normal load is WAY too hot; let alone the 87C running prime95. You need to fix the overheating problem [which will most likely fix your issue]
I used to have a fx6300 and even hard overclocked it never went above 60C when running prime95.
Ok thankyou so much. I really appreciate it
BTW I highly doubt installing a ssd caused this problem unless you damaged the cooler when installing the drive.
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just fyi...... that mobo only has 3gb sata ports so u are not getting full speed from a ssd
BTW I highly doubt installing a ssd caused this problem unless you damaged the cooler when installing the drive.
The heat sink is very dusty ill clean it
just fyi...... that mobo only has 3gb sata ports so u are not getting full speed from a ssd
Yea I knew that before buying it. My HDD is horrible so It was still an amazing upgrade
I posted a new thread on overheating help. Please and thankyou
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