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PC boots but doesn't post

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Pc seems to be booting but doesnt post anything to the screen. I bought a new ddr3 ram and a used motherboard.
What I tried
-clearing cmos
-removing battery/replacing battery
-plugging to the motherboard and gpu
-checking the sticks one by one on different slots

The psu, cpu, gpu and the monitor are fine because I checked if they worked on my old mobo so it seems like its the motherboard or ram. Any ideas on what else I can do before taking it to the repair shop (trying to avoid that due to covid).

Pc specs :
-q9550 cpu(cooler master hyper tx2)
-gtx 750ti 2gb
-gigabyte ga-g41mt-s2p
- 2x 4gb 1333 mhz ddr3 (cmx8gx3m2a1333c9)
-mx500 ssd
-corsair cx 450
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I bought a new ddr3 ram and a used motherboard.
Hi, I am not a hardware expert, however, where did the used motherboard come from and was it in working order before you installed it?
Ebay, like I mentioned I breadboarded first and then installed and in both cases boots but doesn't post.
As said, I am not a hardware expert - you will have to wait for another member to chip in.

Some suggestions.
Does the motherboard beep at start up, as even without the CPU, Ram and GPU it should at least give you POST code beeps at start up?
Try using onboard graphics (if it exists)
Make sure that the motherboard is not shorting out against the case.

Edit. I have asked for help from one of our hardware experts.
Pc seems to be booting but doesnt post anything to the screen. I bought a new ddr3 ram and a used motherboard.
What is NOT clear to me, is - Did this problem ALREADY exist, on the original board and ram, and THAT was why you decided to try a new board and ram
OR was the new board and ram for some manner of upgrade and it is NOW that setup, that does not post.

Although I suspect from reading further down your opening post that ALL was in order before the new board and ram

1. What was the make and full model of the old board please
2. As you have tried breadboarding it - IT IS UNLIKELY of course that the problem is shorting on the case.

3. -plugging to the motherboard and gpu
That could read as connecting either to dedicated GPU the 750Ti as well as to the graphics on the I/O plate - integrated

4. The only monitor connection on that I/O plate is VGA DSub for the integrated graphics
Integrated in the North Bridge:

5. What Monitor is connected please and is it VGA DSub to the same on the monitor or with some form of adapter.

6.. The connections on the 750Ti depending on he actual MAKE of the card are
One Dual Link DVI-I,
One Dual Link DVI-D,
One mini-HDMI Standard Display Connectors

so as above how was that connected and again how to the monitor

7. Have you connected the
1 x 4-pin ATX 12V power connector
That is rather basic, but I do not know your level of experience and you would not be the first person to miss the 4 pin power for the CPU

8 Summary
At this stage and dismissing for the time being a fault on the board
I suspect incorrect or badly made connections for main power, aux 4 pin power or depending on case even headers for front panel etc.

OR providing all those, and others have been checked carefully the monitor connections as mentioned.

When you breadboarded it WHAT please did you connect.
You only need PSU, Monitor, keyboard and mouse. The drive and the 750ti card are NOT necessary to POST.

Finally if you wish my help would you kindly read my post carefully and answer in full ALL questions and queries.
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Do you have a case speaker connected to the motherboard's front panel header? If so, do you get any beep code during POST?
I see you have marked it solved
An indication of how - would be greatly appreciated and indeed - useful to people searching the forums who MAY then find the answer to their problem - in your thread.
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