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This has never happened to me before, but I am running XP Pro and have had my c drive 80GB patitioned into a 15 gb abd 65 gb drive. i needed to re allocate some space to the 15 gb C drive so I followed the instructions and all appeared well, after running the process the system re booted and it did not do what it was supposed to do, in fact it tool all the programs in both drives and relocated the .exe files to 2 folders called "found.000" and found.001. I can not restore these files and th sytem restore function is not working because of the low disk space in the c drive. I found the last restore file that would do the trivk but i can not get it to run, can you manually start that restore file,what can I do besdes reinstall all the programs.

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This is the reason that Partition Magic pops up the prompt that cautions you to do a backup before the operations, it can go wrong at times...

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There was an error on the disk to start with. PM compounded this error. When you restarted Chkdsk ran, found there were errors in the File Tables and isolated the data in the Found.000 so that it would not be overwritten.

You should NEVER do backups to the same disk.

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Did you make the Partition Magic Rescue Disks when you installed the program.

To quote from the manual.


Creating Rescue Disks
You can create rescue disks from the PartitionMagic CD to run PartitionMagic from DOS,
Windows 3.x, or Linux machines. You can also create rescue disks under Windows.
Windows NT 4.0
Workstation with SP4
32 MB 486/33 or compatible
Windows 2000
64 MB Pentium/133 MHz or compatible
Windows XP 64 MB Pentium/233 MHz or compatible
Operating System Minimum RAM Minimum Processor
PowerQuest PartitionMagic 5
Rescue disks are useful when:
• You want to run PartitionMagic, but you do not have an operating system that is
supported by the Windows version of the software.
• You have hidden the partition where PartitionMagic is installed and need to run
PartitionMagic to unhide the partition.
• You have accidently converted a partition to FAT32 and your operating system does
not support FAT32, so your computer will not boot. (You can use the rescue disks to
convert the partition back to FAT.)
• Other occasions arise when you do not have access to PartitionMagic on the CD or
hard drive.
You must have two blank 1.44 MB floppy disks available before you begin this procedure
(three disks for double-byte languages).
1 You can create rescue disks three ways:
2 Insert a blank formatted 1.44 MB disk into your 3.5-inch disk drive and click OK.
3 Follow the prompts and the instructions on the progress bar (located at the bottom of
the window).
To create rescue
disks from: Do this:
CD (useful if you
do not have
1a Open the English/DOSMAKE folder on the
PartitionMagic CD.
1b Type MAKEDISK A:, where A: is the drive letter for
your floppy disk drive.
You can also install the DOS version of PartitionMagic to
your hard disk using this process. If you install to your hard
disk, the PartitionMagic files (but not the system files) will be
installed to a PQMAGIC directory at the root of the disk, and
you will not need floppy disks.
main window
Click Tools . Create Rescue Disks on the menu bar.
Windows Click Start . Programs . PowerQuest PartitionMagic
7.0 . Create Rescue Disks.
Chapter 1: Getting Started 6
The rescue disks contain the following files:
If you create rescue disks for a double-byte language, the third disk includes fonts.

end quote.

You could try creating a set of Rescue disks on another machine, although I don't think this will work.

Beyond that I feel all may be lost

You could try this though

If your disk is FAT32 not NTFS then download the file to create a Windows 98 SE boot disk from Run the downloaded file to create the bootable floppy disk.

Boot from the disk

At the A:> prompt type the command between the "..........."


Your hard disk has a second copy of the M aster B oot R ecord at the end of the available space. This can recover all sorts of problems as a last gasp repair.

As the manual states and I would also advise. Backup before running Partition Magic. They recommend it.

You may have to look towards advanced data recovery to retrieve data from this drive


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