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p4 800fsb vs amd 333fsb

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got a couple ?'s...


1.a 1mb cache processor make a noticably big performance difference between a 512? is it worth the extra cash?

2.does a 533 mhz fsb cpu make a noticeable difference between a 333 fsb? is it worth paying more for it?

3. not that i will, or am thinking about doing it...but why would someone have to increase or decrease agp voltage?

3.bottom line...whats better...p4 533mhz fsb 1mb cache 2.4 ghz, or amd athlon xp 2500 barton @ 3200 2.22 ghz? noticeable differance?

thank everyone'e responses...
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no respnses? all? a simple yes or no at least? please help.. i just dont know if i should pay more for a p4.. :confused:
thanks for reply, but my current system runs at 2.2ghz, not 3.2... did u mean that my current system running at 2.2 ghz will overall be better than the p4? if yes, great! thanks for your help! u saved me money..thank you
can anyone else answer any of my other questions plaease?
Man...thanks Alot !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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