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Overclocking my Rig

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I need to figure out a way to get more juice in my Vcore.

I've currently got my Athlon 2500 with a FSB of 220, multiplier's set at 11, Core Voltage is at 2.0, and it's still leaning towards too little juice feeding my processor. Will changing my multiplier fix that? It's pretty damn stable other than having having a leaning towards too little juice. Other than that though, Temp's fine and I'm already getting 2.43 GHz out of it. Would like to decrease my DRam voltage if's at 2.8 currently, but it's leaning a little towards too high. I'd like to keep my processor's speed where it is if possible, and gain a wee bit more stability. :D Pretty good for a first time overclock if you ask me. ;)
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Nothing big like's just that while running a fairly light load it's constantly giving me warning beeps whenever I'm doing something because the core voltage is too low. I've got it cranked up as high as it'll go, and unfortunately I got my processor too late for it's multiplier to be unlocked. So it looks like I'm gonna have to make do with 2.2 GHz. :( Shoulda gotten a Athlon Mobile. :p
Well, from what I've been reading about it...apparently, the Athlon Mobile, since it's manufactured by AMD unlike almost all other laptop/notebook CPUs..will work in a regular mainboard. It sure would be awesome if it did...considering the heat resistance a Mobile CPU has to have to be mobile anyways...put it in a desktop instead of a regular Athlon with desktop cooling...damn, that would be one desirable CPU if it really is possible. I'll try and dig up the article I read.

Jim :)
Here ya go Rockn. Certainly sounds promising...2.7 GHz on just aircooling?!! Frigging amazing...though it makes sense when you think about it. ;)

2500+ Mobile Barton Feature
Sounds like they have identical architecture, including connectivity...just one operates at a lower voltage and at higher temperatures...which means you can overclock the $h!t out of it. :D
It has a completely unlocked multiplier too because the software it runs on in a laptop is designed to make the chip fluctuate in power consumption according to the needs of the laptop...therefore it's completely unlocked....and especially overclockable.
Hard to tell the difference i'n't it?!! :D

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Should I find out that it's compatible with my MOBO, I'm soooooo tempted to spend an extra $100 and buy it. :(
According to that article....with the setup I have...I should be able to get at least 2.7 GHz out of it...and that's AMD GHz, not Intel. I soooo want that processor...maybe when mine's out of date. :(
Originally posted by bookime wood:
Hold up

You other thread said you could not overclock your cpu. It is well known that the multi is locked on the bartons, and you oc by uping the FSB, and tinkering with the vdimm as you go, you can also adjust the timmings on your memory. But you have a 600 mhz overclock, how much more do you need, you are doing very well, but to test your oc stability you must try it in prime95.

I recall telling you about the barton xp2500m when you were in the shopping stage. Also before you throttle the living daylights out of your new cpu, you should give it a week or so to burn in at stock. You must also check your temps, what are they at 2.43gh.

I did get it to a 220 FSB...only if I put it under any sort of real load (Internet, gameing apps etc.), I lost all stability.

I'm seriously tempted to buy an Athlon XP-M. And no, I never considered it when shopping because I didn't know you could plug it into a normal Socket A board.

I ended up having to leave it at the stock (or slightly over), 166 FSB, because that was the only way I wasn't getting constant low Core Voltage alert when running apps. :(
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