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Have tried unsuccessfuly to OC this rig of mine to something similat to reviews I read which went to stable 3.66GHz. The best stable I succeeded is 3.2GHz. Ther reviews suggested anyone with similar rig should be able to do at least 3.5GHz.

This is my rig:
  • Mobo: Asus P5W DH Deluxe
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
  • CPU Cooler: Ninja CPU Cooler,
  • RAM: Corsair PC2-6400, DDR2 800MHz, CM2X1024, Dual Chanel, 2x1GB matched sticks (XMS6405v4.1)
  • VGA: Asus EN7950 (Runing stock ATM)
  • HDD: 2x Seagate 500MB SATA 2 in Asus EZ-Raid 1 Configuration

This where I am stuck unstable at the moment and desperately wanting to figure out what is stopping me from achieving the 3.5GHz or better as achieved in the reviewed test.

FSB: 330
RAM: 825MHz
PCI Frequency: 100
PCI Clock Sync. Mode: 33.33MHz
RAM Voltage: 1.95v
RAM Timing: 5-5-5-12-5
Vcore BIOS Setting: 1.5v
Vcore as reported by sensor: 1.46-1.48v
FSB Termination Voltage: 1.4v (could leave on Auto, it doesnt make any difference)
MCH Chipset Voltage: 1.55 (could leave on Auto, it doesnt make any difference)
ICH Chipset Voltage: 1.2 (could leave on Auto, it doesnt make any difference)
CPU Temp: 58-61 spiking occasionaly up to 63

Have rebooted the rig so many times with so many different combinations of FSB termination, MCH, ICH and it doesnt seem to make any difference at all. The only thing that has been resulting in longer stress test runs is increasing Vcore. This is why I am already at Vcore 1.5 which has increased my temps as well.

I stress test with Orthos and the above settings will normaly give me about 2-4 hours before Orthos fails. I know the my temps are high but the rig is runing in high ambient temperatures.

This is driving me nuts. Any help would be much appreciated.
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