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Hi, I've got an athlon xp 1600+ that im trying to overclock.

I've overclocked it to just under 1.7 GHz by putting the fsb to 160.

If I put it higher it wont boot to windows.


CPU - Default 1.750 Now 1.844
RAM - 2.65 Now 2.70
NB - 1.60 Now 1.65

Can anyone suggest any settings I can change to get anymore out of it.

Full Specs:

Athlon XP 1600+ (artic cooling copper silent 2)
Abit AN7
512 Kingstion value ram PC3200
Geforce 4600 TI 128MB
80GB Maxtor IDE

temps are below 30 temp on cpu and mb.


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Does that board have a pci/agp lock? If so, have you locked it?
If it does not, I would up the fsb and try a lower multi as skivvy posted. Set the fsb at 166; this will kick in the divider and lower the pci/agp back to 33/66mzh. Note if you have locked the pci bus, you can disregard the above.
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