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Over-clocking a Unpopular Processor

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I was wondering if anyone had a guide, or tips on over-clocking a processor. The processor is:

X86 Family 6 Model 7 Stepping 0 Centaurhauls ~666 Mhz

I know not many people have this type/model processor, but I decided it was worth a shot in asking.

P.S. I have never overclocked before, so even basic tips are a great help.
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Read this:

I think in the end, what little overclocking you may get will be minimal.

1 - go into your BIOS (usually pressing DEL key when you turn it own) and locate something that says Front Side Bus or CPU CLOCK which maybe set to AUO or 66mhz.

2 - raise it to 69Mhz... maybe 70.

Overclocking will make your CPU hotter, especially if you dont have proper coolings. Your system may not allow you to ADJUST this setting. You risk damage to your computer.

I'd start saving for a new upgrade if you want a lot more speed, new systems are about $500~700... good deals at Sams & CostCo.
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