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Outlook / Outlook Express

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A friend of mine has two homes one in the New York and the other in Florida. He goes down south for the winter. He has internet connection at both locations. He asked me to set him up so that he could receive his email at either location, store his messages into his folders and be able to access his stored messages no matter which location is was in.

Knowing that Outlook uses a PST file for folders and a separate file for the address book, I had him purchase an external hard drive which could be connected to one of his USB ports on either computer.

I then configured each computer to access his internet e-mail via Outlook and store his incoming messages in the IN folder within the PST file located on the external hard drive.

While he was in Florida instead of using Outlook to access his e-mail he used Outlook Express which of course saved all his messages in his local machine in Florida. When he got back to NY on Monday, I go a call at 11:00 PM telling me that he can not access any of the messages he sent out while in Florida.. I went to his house on Tuesday and this is when I found out he had used Outlook Express.

Now to my question, is there any way I can have the file used by Outlook Express for messages and addresses be located on his external hard drive so that he can access it from either computer.

Thank you,

Bruce Brown
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In Outlook Express, go to Tools>Options>Maintenance tab and click on the Store Folder button. Then browse to wherever you want OE to keep its email and, once there, click OK. OE will always look to that drive and folder for its .dbx files so if he tries to run OE without the external drive plugged it, it won't open.

Changing the location of the address book is a little more involved...assuming he'd like the same address book available on both computer.

1. Set up the folder where you want the address book to be kept.
2. Go to Start>Run, type in "regedit" (without the quotes) and navigate to this key:
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WAB\WAB4\Wab File Name
3. Click Registry| Export Registry File and save the selected branch to your desktop as "WAB.reg". You can then restore the current location simply by double-clicking the saved WAB.reg file.
4. In the right-hand pane, right-click on (Default) and click Modify, then carefully enter the full path and file name of your relocated *.wab.
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