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outlook express question

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i was wondering if it's possible to copy a botton in outlook express, the "send message" one for example, and place is in the desktop or in the control bar on the botton or anywhere else.
In particular, I'd like to program my mouse in a way that the right bottn will send a message, my mouse is programmable so I can do it, the point is that i don't know how to export the bottons from outlook express.
thank you!
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Hi number

As every else has stated...
Sorry, Outlook Express is not programmable like that.

Take a look at this site for "Other" Tools that have been developed by Stephen L. Cochran, Ph.D
It does not have the Send button, but he has created more Tools for Outlook Express, that you may be interested in, off topic.

If you have Microsoft Outlook, it is programmable, using VBA.

Log on to the newsgroups using Outlook Express,
use for the server
you can then subscribe to newsgroups covering any Microsoft product and get more information on VBA programming for Microsoft Outlook if you are interested.

In Outlook Express messages, the Key board command for Send is Alt+S, is it possible for you to program Alt+S into your mouse?
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