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outlook express icon

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i changed all the icons on my desktop to the ones of my choice but outlook express i cannot i get the message access denied
please help
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Have a look to see if that's read only. Right click on the icon and choose properties. If the read only box is checked, uncheck it.
thanx for the reply

i deleteted the shortcut from desk top then went into programs and changed it there then made shortcut to desktop sorted

is there any way i can change the icons in internet explorer or put some colour on i know i can change the skins but i had problems in the past doing that like to keep things simple now


What operating system are you using?

Which icons did you want to change?
Toolbar icons. I don't think so. Those are a part of the File Browseui.dll
hey anything to make it look better?

Such as making them all colored all the time? Yes. but be very careful. You can download and install a utility called Resource Hacker. Then go into Browseui.dll and remove the grey toolbar bitmap and replace it with the same one, only in color. I will give you a link to a site called Virtual Plastic. It has the information you are looking for. Be sure to make a backup of this file and know the DOS command to put it back in case you hose the project and cannot get back into windows. I changed my toolbar to colored buttons. I changed it back because I found it was hard on my eyes.

If you are not comfortabel, don't do it.
Also, if you want to have IE toolbar Wallpaper, download this utility and use it.

Look for Toolbar Wallpaper. This works for IE 6 too.

If you want toolbar Wallpaper for Your regular windows folders that's possible too.
Here's how:
Open the registry and go to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar

Click on toolbar. In the right pane create a new string value. Name it BackBitmap EDIT: Sorry. I typo'd in the registry file.
Double click on it to modify.
Modify it to the path of the bitmap you would like to use.

For instance C:\windows\clouds.bmp
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